fall asleep – dream interpretation

In our dreams we occasionally experience strange or almost absurd, illogical things. So it can happen in a dream, i.e. while we are actually sleeping, that we fall asleep. This can happen in a dream at night or in broad daylight. You can also dream of your own death if you watch yourself slowly falling asleep and dying. If we wake up in bed in the dream world, everything may still feel normal.

But at the latest when we finally wake up and find ourselves in actual reality, the dreamed situation raises questions. What happened on the dream level? Why did you dream about falling asleep? What conclusions can be drawn from this symbol? And what does it mean if in the dream situation it is not us but someone else who falls asleep?

Dream symbol “fall asleep” – the general interpretation

As a dream symbol, falling asleep is a symbol of carelessness. According to the general dream interpretation, the person affected is in harmony with themselves and satisfied with their life. The dream of falling asleep illustrates the peace that you feel inside.

However, the dream image of “falling asleep” can sometimes warn against this, not that reality to escape. The dreamer must not obsessively close his eyes to unfavorable developments in his life. After the general dream analysis, he must become aware of his responsibilities. This applies equally to the responsibilities he has for himself and to the duties he has towards those around him.

The situation is different if, in the dream, it is not the person sleeping themselves but another person who is lying down and falling asleep. Such a dream situation can in many cases be one Chance symbolize for the dreaming. The dream image of falling asleep shows that you can currently overcome a hurdle and triumph over others in a professional environment.

Traditionally, seeing a person falling asleep also occasionally promises good luck Love. According to general dream interpretation, this promises the dream situation, especially if a person of the opposite sex falls asleep in front of the person concerned.

Not being able to sleep in a dream, perhaps because of someone else’s snoring, shows that the person concerned is tormented by worries. There is probably an issue that cannot be resolved in the waking world at the moment. A confrontation with one’s own grief and the Becoming aware can help to ease the mental burden.

As a dream situation, falling asleep while driving shows that you don’t need to worry about a lack of control or a seizure of control. The dreamer who sees himself sinking away is strong and self-confident enough to assert his interests.

Dream symbol “fall asleep” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the symbol “fall asleep” can appear lack of attention and indicate inertia. This means that the dreamer is in danger of missing something important in life.

At the same time, the dream image of falling asleep also encourages you to become more committed and courageous. The person affected must learn to assert themselves more.

However, this interpretation does not always apply. Depending on your life circumstances, dozing off in a dream sometimes symbolizes a good Consciencewhich literally lets those affected fall asleep peacefully.

If he sees another person falling asleep in the dream situation, this represents his own successes superiority Falling asleep together with someone, on the other hand, is a symbol of good Friendshipa close bond and trust.

Dream symbol “fall asleep” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “falling asleep” as a symbol for the immortality the soul. They offer inexhaustible opportunities for further development for the dreamer.

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