Dishes – dream interpretation

The dream symbol “dishes” is very complex, especially since it can mean different things: On the one hand, the dishes can mean plates and cups or, on the other hand, the dishes for draft animals such as horses and oxen that pull a plow or cart.

In the following text you will find out what porcelain plates, metal cups and pottery bowls can mean as dream symbols.

A note: In this article we mainly deal with tableware, and only marginally with animal tableware, as few people dream of this. If you would like to find out more about the harness for a specific animal, please search for the animal species. You can find the search function at the top of this page.

Dream symbol “dishes” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, a distinction is made between eating utensils such as cups, jugs and plates and dishes for animals in relation to the dream symbol “dishes”.

The animal harness in the dream is seen as a sign of Successful Business interpreted when the dreamer is correspondingly diligent in the waking world. Most of the time, the dream symbol “tableware” is used to see eating or cooking utensils in the dream.

In general, the dinnerware as a dream symbol symbolizes the dreamer’s relationship with him Environment. Often there is a reference to clumsy or clumsy behavior on the part of the dreamer in the waking world. The general dream interpretation interprets cookware in a dream as a symbol of Gossips.

If the dreamer sees dishes standing around unsorted in the dream, for example a bowl, plates or cups, this can upset him Quarrels point out in the family. Perhaps these have not yet become apparent. But he should be prepared for it. If single dreamers see a large amount of dishes in a dream, according to general dream interpretation, this promises an imminent wedding.

Buying new dishes in a dream portends Family addition there. The sight of dirty dishes as a dream symbol illustrates household worries in the waking world for the dreamer. Washing dishes in a dream indicates satisfaction in one’s life Love and with friends. If a kitchen helper appears in the dream scene who takes care of the dishes, this is usually not a good sign: problems arise for the dreamer, but they are quickly solved with the symbolic cleaning of the dishes.

If the dreamer intentionally breaks dishes in the dream, he has to prepare for difficulties and arguments in the family in the waking world. If the dreamer accidentally breaks dishes in the dream, this promises him the waking world Luck and Success. If the dreamer observes how dishes break in the dream without his intervention, inconveniences can arise in the waking world. The mere sight of broken dishes as a dream symbol illustrates the loss of friendships.

If the dreamer has bowls or other dishes made of metal in the dream, this is, according to general dream interpretation, an indication of good living conditions. Golden dining or wagon dishes for animals in a dream are interpreted as prosperity.

Dream symbol “dishes” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, washing dishes in a dream shows the dreamer that he is in one uncertain situation in the waking world. In this situation he doesn’t have everything under control and some things threaten to slip out of his hands. The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the purchase of new dishes in a dream as happy changes in the family.

For a psychological dream interpretation, the individual parts of the dishes in the dream are also of great importance. They provide additional information:

Because of its transparency, a glass as part of the dishes in a dream indicates that the dreamer should disclose his emotional state and show his feelings clearly to other people. Sometimes this interpretation can also turn into the opposite: if the dreamer has been very emotional so far, it should be so in the future feelings better kept to yourself

A jug is understood as a symbol of feelings, which means that the dreamer slowly becomes aware that he should recognize his spiritual wishes and implement them in the waking world. Because of its round shape, the bowl as a piece of tableware in the dream is a symbol of femininity interpreted, and it can also illustrate the receptiveness of the dreamer.

Something hot is usually drunk from a cup, which is why psychological dream interpretation interprets the cup as a sign of passion and hot, erotic feelings. If the dreamer sees a lot of plates, he should take a closer look at the leftover food on them for the interpretation; The material from which the plate is made and its decorations are also important.

Dream symbol “dishes” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, dishes as a dream symbol ask the dreamer what they will use in the future spiritual horizon want to expand.

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