Bench – dream interpretation

A bank is a credit institution that offers services relating to payment, credit, check and capital transactions for a fee. The services offered may vary from bank to bank. This includes the granting of loans, the management of savings deposits and the trading of securities for investors or for investors as well as their safekeeping. If it is a universal bank, then it offers all areas of activity.

At the same time, a bench can be a place to sit, for example in the garden, on the side of the path or in the park. It invites you to linger and relax.

In the following dream interpretation we will primarily discuss the meaning of the bank in the sense of the credit institution. You can find the analysis of the bench in a special section, right after this introduction:

Sitting on a bench in a dream

Anyone who finds themselves on a bench in their dream world subconsciously longs for a longer period of relaxation and recovery. Body and mind need a break from stressful everyday life. If the sleeper sits hidden on a bench, between trees and dark bushes, the dream interpretation goes in a different direction: erotic fantasies are expressed in this way. Sleeping on a park bench shows that your health is at risk.

Dream symbol “bank” – the general interpretation

If the dreamer visits a bank while sleeping to withdraw money, then they announce themselves in the waking world financial losses at. This is also the case when the dream enters a bank and immediately finds a free cashier.

The dream image can be interpreted more positively if the dreamer deposits money, for example in a savings account, or changes money. Because then his wishes can come true and profits can be expected. It is also a good sign if the dream gets a job in a bank. This will make his future comfortable and secure.

In popular dream analysis, however, caution is advised when it comes to a bank. The bank usually serves as a warning against fraud and fraudsters. Upcoming business deals should then be postponed so as not to risk failure or loss of money.

If you see the Gringotts Bank from the Harry Potter films in a dream, you should use the dream symbol “Harry Potter” for the interpretation.

Dream symbol “bank” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the bench is usually used as a symbol of material influence and Power as well as authority interpreted. It can work across the board too sexual male potency show. This dream image also often appears as a warning, because these characteristics often appear carelessly and irresponsibly.

The dreamer’s attitude towards a bank is also important for dream research. Many people associate the bank with a certain level of security. In this case, the dream image is an indication of upcoming success as well as trust and confidence. However, sometimes this also shows the desire for this security.

Some dreamers approach the bank with distrust and rejection. From this it can be deduced that the dreamer has problems with his self-confidence. Maybe unfortunately he also suffers from a general insecurity or sexual inhibitions.

Difficulties with sexuality are often expressed by the fact that the dreamer is reluctant to go to the bank or is served unfriendly there. Existential fears and even drive blockages appear when the dreamer doesn’t get any money in the bank, is refused a loan in the dream, or even commits a bank robbery or just gets involved in it. Breaking into a bank is an indication that the dreamer is trying to appear more than he actually is.

Dream research often interprets the dreamed bank as Energy center. Anyone who withdraws money there gains strength and energy for everyday life.

Dream symbol “bank” – the spiritual interpretation

If a bank appears as a dream image, then the spiritual dream interpretation interprets the bank as safe spiritual space.

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