Disgust – dream interpretation

Disgust is a feeling that we associate with feelings such as disgust, fear, aversion, hatred or discomfort. For example, we may find another person’s behavior completely disgusting, or we may feel shivers running down our spines because we are disgusted by spiders. At the same time, we can become disgusted with ourselves, for example when we feel self-hatred or suffer from depression.

This emotion is usually accompanied by physical sensations. Depending on how strongly we feel the feeling of disgust, some sensitive people may even feel their stomach turn or break out in a sweat due to discomfort. We can’t always consciously control how our bodies react to disgusting things. For example, we might just wrinkle our noses in disgust when something smells awful. But if the person sitting next to us on the train vomits at our feet, most people will find it difficult to bite into their breakfast bread with pleasure.

We can also feel disgust in the dream world. Because emotions are often very clearly noticeable in our dreams. But what is hidden behind this dream symbol? How can you best interpret it individually as a dreamer?

Dream symbol “disgust” – the general interpretation

With the dream image “disgust” we are also likely to feel very strong physical reactions in our dream world. Disgust is a negative feeling in waking life as well as in our dreams. Therefore, a hideous, moving dream can lead us to one unpleasant news indicate or even warn us of a coming misfortune.

If there is a specific person towards whom we feel disgust in the dream, this means in dream interpretation that a suspicion that one has in waking life will be confirmed. However, a different interpretation soon announces this Infatuation when you detest something or someone in the dream situation.

If it is a female dreamer whose lover she detests in the dream world, this suggests that she will soon fall in love with a man who is anything but likeable and who is not well received by others.

If you hate raisins in a dream, you should not make hasty or careless actions in the waking world. Because these could lead to financial losses.

Dream symbol “disgust” – the psychological interpretation

Very strange things can happen in our dreams. Feeling disgust is certainly not unusual. However, in connection with this dream image, it can certainly happen that you feel a feeling of disgust towards yourself.

However, for the psychological interpreters of dreams, this is no reason to worry. Because anyone who finds themselves disgusting in the dream world usually acts in real life good intentions. And it is precisely this selfless action that will lead others to follow your good example and start doing good as well.

If one feels disgust towards a thing or an object, the further interpretation depends on the other circumstances and the intensity of the feeling. A strong reluctance leads to great Care for what you have to deal with in real life. However, if the disgust is only mild, you will be able to overcome your worries with ease.

Dream symbol “disgust” – the spiritual interpretation

Unpleasant emotions such as the feeling of disgust are often represented in the dream world unconscious feelings. They make it clear to the dreamer that it is important to feel them consciously. If he goes through this process, it will advance his spiritual development and lead to new, important insights.

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