Balloon – dream interpretation

A balloon can be filled with air or gas and is then used as a gas or air balloon and is a popular means of decorating celebrations and festivals. Children in particular are very fascinated by a balloon and are happy when they receive one as a gift.

As a hot air balloon, the balloon even serves as a means of travel that allowed people to dream of flying even before airplanes existed. A balloon also often appears as a dream image while you are sleeping, often in combination with a clown, circus or a fair. A balloon is also a must at a child’s birthday or party.

Before we turn to the general, psychological and spiritual dream interpretation of the “balloon” symbol, here are the most important dreams in which a balloon is seen in a dream:

Dream symbol “balloon” – The most common dreams about the symbol

What happens to the balloon in a dream

Inflate the balloon in a dream

If you inflate a balloon while you sleep, you are putting a lot of energy, hope and creativity into a specific matter in your waking life. If you see another person inflating a balloon in a dream, you are devoting your energy to this (or another important) person. Does anyone need your help? You don’t abandon this person. Just be careful not to “run out of breath” yourself.

Dreaming of flying in a balloon

Have you flown in a balloon? This can mean an ordinary small balloon on whose string you floated up – in a dream anything is possible. Whether it’s a balloon or a hot air balloon: flying with it symbolizes the dreamer’s desire for freedom and creativity. If the flight in the dream gives you a liberating feeling, then the person concerned is mentally balanced. If he experiences fear and panic while flying a balloon, his instincts worry him.

Fly a balloon while you sleep

If you dream that you are letting a colorful balloon rise into the sky, then you have hope for improvement in the waking world. You strive to discover new possibilities and take advantage of opportunities. Are you interested in a new job? Do you want to have children in your family? A new hobby? Everything that is exciting and unknown needs to be explored. They are undergoing further development. It is important that you do not lose sight of reality and that your goals are not set too high.

The nightmare of the balloon crash

Did you wake up bathed in sweat, dreaming of flying into the depths in a hot air balloon? Was the balloon that was just keeping you in the air suddenly no longer able to support your weight? Such dream situations often herald anger and sorrow in the waking world that the subconscious has already perceived. Even a set goal may not be achieved. Then it’s time to make new plans and not get discouraged!

A red balloon appears in a dream

The color red is a signal color. It stands out, is eye-catching, is reminiscent of a rose, blood or a warning red light. If the dream balloon is red, it symbolizes the individuality of the dreamer. The person appreciates standing out from the crowd and being different. Be it through special clothing, a distinctive hairstyle or behavior that does not correspond to the standard.

In a figurative sense, the red balloon in the dream also shows the dreaming person’s extremely high self-confidence with which they go through life.

Dream symbol “balloon” – the general interpretation

Dream research interprets the dreamed balloon very differently. If the dreamer sees a balloon, then it can be a sign that he is big in something disillusionment will experience. But it is also possible that the dreamer will have good ideas or even make an important invention if a balloon appears in the dream world.

If the dreamer experiences in his sleep that he himself is flying away in a balloon, then this dream image could be one warning be. The dreamer moves too far away from the achievable goals in the waking world and can then easily lose ground under his feet.

However, another interpretation of this symbol says that the dream is about something Take your distance should and thereby get a problem solved with common sense and a cool head. This is especially true when the sleeper looks at the dreamed world from a bird’s eye view very closely and with interest.

If the dreamer sees a balloon filled with gas burst, then in waking life he will upset someone who will then be angry with him.

Dream symbol “balloon” – the psychological interpretation

The balloon is usually used in psychological dream interpretation Pipe dream interpreted. The subconscious is concerned with escaping the current situation in waking life when the balloon appears as a dream image. In this case, the dreamer usually feels restricted and overwhelmed. But it can also warn against a loss of reality and warn the dreamer to always stay grounded in the facts.

If it is a tethered or hot air balloon, then this symbolizes the Adventurous spirit of the dreamer. By getting off the ground, he also gets a different perspective and overview of the current situation in his waking life.

In this context, a quiet and pleasant journey also indicates a positive future for the dreamer. During a restless ride in a captive balloon, turbulence is also expected in the waking world. Since the journey in a hot air balloon always depends on the wind, this dream image is also a sign of the search for it Luck and for the hope that the wind blows favorably.

Pent up Trouble often appears in the dream world as a bursting balloon. But it can also be a hope that symbolically bursts.

Dream symbol “balloon” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the balloon symbolizes Freedom and the Detachment.

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