file – dream interpretation

Filing or rasping usually involves manually working on the surface of a material in order to shape or smooth it. Almost all metals, wood and plastics can be processed with the file in this way. Fingernails and toenails, as well as the animals’ hooves, can be shaped with the file. Wood and other soft materials are usually first planed large and then finely filed.

If there is work being done in the dream world, then this should definitely be taken into account in the dream interpretation, because an important warning can be hidden in this dream image.

Dream symbol “file” – the general interpretation

Filing in the dream world can be interpreted in very different ways. If the dreamer sees someone else filing, dream research interprets this dream image as a sign Work and success. However, it also includes one warning. The dreamer should make sure that his sometimes careless behavior does not scare other people away. It is important to always keep an eye on your own actions and behavior.

If the dreamer is working on something in the dream world, this is an indication of what is to come Success. A new job can also be announced through this dream image. If the dreamer files a piece of iron, he will be successful in his life because he will work hard on it. When he files a piece of wood, something rather uncertain emerges Pursue an.

If the dreamer files his fingernails while sleeping, he feels great boredom in waking life. If he has his fingernails filed as part of a manicure, he should be careful of malicious slander from others.

Dream symbol “file” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, filing or the file is a reference to the many, small ones disappointments interpreted in everyday life. The consequences of this are the loss of hopes and ideals, which are increasingly lost to the dreamer.

According to this interpretation approach, the dreamer himself is the workpiece that is processed with the file, the symbol of life, and thereby increasingly loses his individuality.

Another interpretation according to dream research sees this dream image as the creative and creative power of the dreamer, which helps him to shape his life according to his own ideas. He then figuratively works on his own life to shape it according to his wishes.

However, there can also be one warning hidden behind this symbol, which should definitely be taken into account. In this case, the dreamer is asked not to let himself go, but rather to always work on his behavior and his character, i.e. to hone himself. This is the only way your personality can strengthen itself and counteract negative influences and survive in life.

Dream symbol “file” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, filing is seen as creative power interpreted.

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