Fig – dream interpretation

The fruit of the true fig, which belongs to the mulberry family, is called a fig. The fig is primarily native to tropical and subtropical regions. It can now also be found in other frost-free areas, where it is particularly valued for its decorative leaves and also provides shade in gardens or parks. Some types of figs are also popular as houseplants and figs can also be found in the dream world. The slap contains the term fig, which figuratively refers to a swelling.

Dream symbol “fig” – the general interpretation

Dream research often interprets the fig as Sexual Symbol, which often appears in connection with love adventures. The longing for love can also be expressed in a dream by a fig. The fig can also herald a surprising and happy event.

If the dreamer sees a fig growing in the dream world, this dream image symbolizes his sound Health. If the dreamer eats a fig while sleeping, then his waking life will develop positively. His hopes will be fulfilled and he will be lucky in love. Picking a fig in a dream promises success and if the dreamer is given a fig, this is also interpreted as luck in love affairs and as a sign of good friendships.

A warning lies behind a dried fig. She quits disappointments in love and loss of wealth.

Dream symbol “fig” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the fig symbolizes sexuality and fertility as well as prosperity. Especially in the dreams of younger people, the fig is a dream image for sexual needs. Fertility, which is also represented by the fig, can refer to both physical and mental fertility. However, the erotic intention of the fig dreams often predominates.

If the fig is eaten in a dream, then this expresses the desire for sexuality. But it can also symbolize the male power that will be creative and creative.

If the dreamer sees not only a fig in the dream world, but also a fig tree or fig leaves, then this is an indication that something is happening spiritual consciousness further developed and he will gain new insights. This dream image is derived from older Jewish mythology, because there the apple is not the “forbidden fruit” in paradise (in the Garden of Eden), but the fig. This is also the reason why the fig tree is the tree of life or paradise, especially in southern countries.

Dream symbol “fig” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the fig symbolizes a tendency towards supernatural skills as well as the beginning of material life.

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