Acorns – dream interpretation

Acorns are the fruits of the oak tree. They are rich in carbohydrates and proteins, which made them particularly useful for fattening pigs. In bad times, the acorns were also eaten by people.

To serve as food, the acorns were peeled and crushed. They then had to be bathed in water several times to remove the water-soluble tannins. They could then be used as a substitute for flour or coffee.

But it’s not just the real use of the acorns that is diverse; the fruit can also appear in very different situations in the dream world.

Dream symbol “acorns” – the general interpretation

If the dreamer sees green acorns in the dream world that are still hanging on a branch, someone will woo the dreamer or he will receive great honors. It can also be a big win or other pleasant surprises announce through this dream image.

If the dream is busy looking for acorns, this indicates one difficult situation there. The dreamer will only be able to get out of this situation with great effort.

An improvement in current conditions is usually announced by green acorns on the tree or scattered green acorns on the ground. If the dreamer picks green acorns from the tree, he will violate his own interests because he is too hasty and indiscreet.

Collecting acorns is usually interpreted as a big win, but it also represents Kraft and Health as well as luck. In some cases, an inheritance or financial success after great effort can also be heralded by this dream image.

Acorns falling from the tree are interpreted negatively because they indicate that the dreamer will miss out on a good deal in the waking world or behave clumsily. If you see rotten or dried acorns, call them quits disappointments and rejections.

It is much more positive when acorns are shaken from the tree, as your wishes in your professional and love life will soon come true. A happy event is announced when the pigs in the dream world receive acorns as food.

Dream symbol “acorns” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, acorns are an indication of a great one Growth process interpreted.

The acorns as a dream image usually indicate that it is important to first keep the collected ideas in peace and let them mature. The same is done with the acorns, which are collected in autumn and then stored over the winter.

Since a large oak tree can grow from an acorn, it should be made clear to the dreamer that even with small means New beginning is possible, which can lead to a remarkable result.

Dream symbol “acorns” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual dream interpretation, the acorns bring both life and fertility and the immortality symbolized.

The acorns also represent androgyne, in which male and female physical characteristics are combined. In terms of spiritual interpretation, this is more the male-female transcendent one sensitivity meant.

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