Burglar – dream interpretation

A person’s home is their castle, their retreat, which offers them protection, peace and quiet. The fact that a burglar can gain entry using burglary tools such as a crowbar, lockpick or hammer when breaking into an apartment is a pure horror idea. The focus is not just on the fear of being stolen, but also on the horror that someone has exceeded and destroyed personal boundaries. It is often the loss of trust and the feeling of security that hurts more than the material damage in the event of a burglary.

If you dream of a burglar, you will certainly be gripped by fear. You will try to hide during a break-in and automatically take on the role of secret observer. The idea of ​​being discovered is frightening. The dream will also ask itself what the burglar will steal. Of course, the dreamer can also become a burglar himself and break into a house or apartment in a dream.

What is important for the dream interpretation of this symbol is what exactly happens in the dream: Does the intruder take something, does the thief get away scot-free or is he caught?

Burglary tools - dream interpretation

If you find out the exact age of an older person in your dream, for example if they are over 70, 80 or even over 90 years old, the individual age numbers should also be analyzed.

There are dream situations related to a burglar that are experienced more often than others. Maybe your personal dream is already included in the following short interpretations – if not, just look further down on this page under the general interpretation.

Dream symbol “burglar” – The most common dreams about the symbol

What sound is that? Hearing burglars in dreams

What was that? A sound of broken glass or a door being forced open perhaps? If a dreamer heard a burglar breaking in, fear has certainly arisen in him.

Noises that appear threatening in dreams and portend something unpleasant are to be understood as useful warnings for the waking world. The dreamer has unconsciously perceived a threat that is processed in the dream experience.

Seeing a burglar, having seen it in a dream

If a burglar suddenly appears in the dream and the dreamer sees him breaking in, this dream situation indicates the perception of problems and difficulties that are coming to the person concerned.

It may be that he already suspects what could get “out of hand” – the subconscious is one step further here. A person wants to harm the dreamer, is, for example, jealous and resentful or talks badly about him behind his back.

Bang! Dream of dangerous burglary with a pistol

As a dream symbol, the pistol has a sexual character. The fear of sexual aggression is often expressed in dreams by weapons.

If a burglar carries a pistol with him in a dream and even points it at a person, this dream image reinforces the dreamer’s fear. There appears to be an event in the affected person’s past that was characterized by male control and seemed threatening.

Reacting to a burglar in the dream world

Show courage: Prevent a break-in in a dream

Anyone who courageously faced down a burglar in a dream to prevent the break-in also shows a willingness to take risks in real life. However, some dreamers who have such courage are worried about failure in the waking world and avoid risky situations. You can also encounter this dream image, then it asks the dreamer to have more confidence. However, it warns people who live risky lives to exercise restraint.

Burglars caught in a dream and confronted, wow!

Catching a burglar in the act is a very exciting dream experience. Because you prevent a crime or ensure that the burglar is caught and receives a punishment for the attack.

In both cases, this dream situation symbolizes that the dreamer is an active person who has high moral standards. In addition, the dreamer has a desire to be admired by others.

Beating the burglar in a dream… pure adrenaline

Depending on whether the dream hits the burglar or the criminal uses violence, the dream interpretation of the symbol “hit” in connection with a break-in differs. Anyone who is beaten in a dream will have to endure a lot in real life. However, the dreamer has gained a lot of strength through this.

If he himself is the one who catches and hits the burglar, this indicates hidden and pent-up aggression. In this case, the dream offers a valuable hint to look for healthy outlets for pent-up anger.

Was it self-defense? Dreams of killing a burglar

The dream symbol of a burglar who was killed by someone after breaking in clearly shows that the dream has a problem with a certain person in waking life.

Someone who has taken something from him – be it his ex’s new girlfriend or his work colleague who received the promotion – will be harmed in a dream. The dreamer should become aware of his feelings and learn to deal with them.

Start the hunt: Follow the burglar in a dream after the crime

Very often there are reports of dreams in which the dreamer is being persecuted or witnesses the persecution of another person.

If this person is a burglar, you want to hold someone accountable in waking life. Maybe someone still has an invoice outstanding with you? The dreamer is not interested in revenge, but in justice. Reconciliation is not impossible if the dreamer learns to forgive.

Dream symbol “burglar” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “burglar” has two sides in dream interpretation. An intruder can get into the dreamer’s apartment or the dreamer himself steals into other people’s houses in order to acquire something there. If the latter is true, you have the desire to own something, something material or even an idea. You may be about to take advantage of someone.

Depending on your life circumstances, a dream in which you are the thieves can also be an indication Self-doubt be or the dreamer’s longing to break out of his life.

If another person breaks into the dreamer’s four walls, this dream means a violation of his personal boundaries. The dream symbol “burglar” can then be a sign in dream interpretation lack of trust in others, but also for the fear of the unknown.

When it comes to interpreting the “burglar” dream symbol, the details are important. Anyone who is actually robbed by the burglar has to suffer losses or with infidelity calculate. If the thief escapes during the robbery, an unpleasant surprise or a great disappointment awaits the dreamer.

If you confront the intruder in a dream, you will stand up to opponents and become one Lob can reap. In dream interpretation, seeing a burglar in a dream is an indication that real people are pretending to be friends in order to take advantage of the dreamer. A burglar with handcuffs in a dream often illustrates problems or difficulties in waking life.

Dream symbol “burglar” – the psychological interpretation

As a dream symbol in dream interpretation, the burglar represents a part of the psyche that has not yet come to light because it has been denied or suppressed. In the dream, this part forces itself into the dreamer’s consciousness in the form of the burglar and should definitely be taken into account.

Anyone who dreams of a burglar often has difficulties dealing with others clear boundaries to set. In the dream, the fear of violating one’s own privacy is symbolized by the intruder.

In dream interpretation, the robber is often also an expression of instinctive thoughts going astray, an unconscious longing for sexual adventures, which may be too strongly suppressed when awake. Especially if the dreamer is a woman, the dream symbol “burglar” has a sexual interpretation aspect: the dreamer has great fears of sexuality in general or of sexual violence.

If a burglar appears at the window in a dream or breaks in through a window, a person in the waking world has access to them innermost desires of the dreamer.

This can be a very familiar person. If there is a lot of chaos in the house or apartment after the break-in, all boundaries are gone and chaos threatens to overwhelm the dreamer. He should organize and control his life more in waking life.

If she is the burglar in her dream, she should ask herself what she would like to steal in life: an adventure or just some diversion perhaps?

In dream interpretation, a burglar can also mean great things mistrust of the dreaming. He assumes other people have dishonest intentions and blames them for all inconveniences and problems. If the dreamer is caught as a burglar in the dream, the dream symbol is a reference to repressed ones Feelings of guilt and shame.

Dream symbol “burglar” – the spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “burglar” represents a violent act of a mental or physical nature. So far unconscious Thought content penetrate into the spiritual world of imagination.

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