African – dream interpretation

There is no such thing as an African. The continent of Africa is very large, after all it is the second largest continent. In addition, the population of over 1.1 billion Africans consists of numerous ethnic groups. The culture is correspondingly diverse.

In some countries, old tribal traditions still apply, while in others Christianity or Islam influences the social order. Moroccans and Tunisians are just as African as the Maasai in Kenya or the residents of Cape Town.

African - dream interpretation

Africa is considered the cradle of humanity. Apparently Homo sapiens developed there and from there spread all over the world. With a tiny part of our genetic makeup, we are all Africans.

A dream about an African can trigger very different reactions. The dreamer can especially feel the strange and view it with uncertainty or fear. For others, the unknown is particularly fascinating. People from foreign countries make you curious. When interpreting dreams, the inner attitude of the dreamer is particularly important.

Dream symbol “African” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “African” is a sign of the need for Freedom. The dreamer wants to go beyond himself and develop his creativity. Maybe he hasn’t had the courage to do it yet and the dream is an encouragement to just give it a try.

An African can do the same in dream interpretation Emigration plans express, which may even have already taken precise forms. The dream symbol of becoming a foreigner in a distant country symbolizes the longing for distance or simply for change.

In popular dream interpretation, an African is also a dream symbol for realism. One should not be deceived. It represents the contrast between light and dark: a dark, negative inner life promises misfortune, strife and unpleasant developments.

Seeing an African or dark-skinned person in a dream can also be a warning not to enter into them carelessly Danger to go. If you talk to him, the dream symbol heralds a conflict.

In dream interpretation, an argument with an African is an indication that you have to defend yourself against attacks from others. If you are friends with the figure in the dream, this indicates reconciliation. If the dreamer sees himself as an African, the dream symbol is a reminder to be honest and open.

Dream symbol “African” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, the dream symbol “African” is a metaphor for the dark side of the soul. The inhabitants of sub-Saharan Africa in particular are often unconsciously classified as less highly developed. On the other hand, they are also assumed to be special vitality.

In dream interpretation, the appearance of an African in the dream often refers to the parts of the personality that the dreamer suppresses because he does not accept them. With the dream symbol there are connections like this Magieglaube of voodoo and a strong connection to rhythm and dance into consciousness. These in turn are informative in dream interpretation because of their erotic reference. The dreamer lives out his instinctual side in the dream and at the same time distances himself from it.

However, the dream symbol “African” can also be a sign of the unconscious desire to break out of civilized, regulated life.

Dream symbol “African” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual terms, the dream symbol “African” in dream interpretation is a warning about the appearance of the dark side of the dreamer.

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