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Before the invention of photography, paintings were a common way to depict reality. People, but also historical events and everyday scenes were captured on canvas in order to make them accessible to posterity. The oldest paintings can be found on cave walls that are thousands of years old, in the pyramids and in books.

Nowadays we no longer associate the word “painting” with just a portrait, but rather with art and museums, for example in the form of a gallery of murals. We think of venerable old masters, and an oil portrait now has something noble and special about it. Anyone who hangs an art print or even a real oil or acrylic painting in their own home always reveals something about themselves. Paintings appear as a symbolic subject in films and in books such as “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. They are no longer everyday objects.

What can we conclude from this for dream interpretation? Why do we dream of paintings?

Dream symbol “painting” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, a painting is primarily about depicting something. The illustration here is to be understood metaphorically – the dreamer creates an image of someone, of a situation or even of himself. This does not necessarily correspond to reality, on the contrary, dreams often indicate this dream symbol unrealistic ideas hin.

When we see friends or family members in a painting, it often suggests that we are unconsciously deeply involved with them. We may discover new properties in them. The dream can also be an indication that the dreamer sees someone in too rosy colors, i.e. “thinks” a friend or acquaintance is beautiful.

Landscapes or everyday scenes in paintings point to one’s own life as a dream symbol worldview that may need to be checked. Landscapes can also be… Travel or symbolize the desire to travel.

If the painting depicts the dreamer himself, this indicates that he is preoccupied with himself a lot, perhaps too much. Also vanity plays a role in this context, especially if the painting comes in a particularly beautiful or ornate frame.

In addition to the object depicted, the type of painting also plays an important role in the interpretation. This is what self-painted pictures have deep feelings and the detailed engagement of the subconscious with a person or a topic.

If, on the other hand, the dreamer sees a painting by an old master, the dream symbol suggests how he interacted with it Past bypasses. Depending on whether he has positive or negative feelings about the painting, whether he wants to condemn it, sell it or even destroy it, or whether he looks at it with joy, conclusions can be drawn about waking life.

Hanging up or seeing a lot of paintings in a dream heralds something long-awaited recognition an.

Further possible interpretations for this dream symbol are:

  • Seeing or owning a beautiful painting: fear of loss or fraud; Friends will give you grief
  • See large but poorly painted pictures: the dreamer will make new and good friendships
  • Seeing a painting on an easel: a happy sign for the future
  • the painting represents a room: announces the reward for long effort
  • Buying a work of art: means frustration or disappointment
  • Selling a painting at auction: can warn against waste
  • to be enchanted by the poetry of a painting: one will succeed in matters of love
  • sell a picture: a good exchange transaction is imminent.

Dream symbol “painting” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, every person depicted represents the dreamer himself, even if he does not recognize himself. Even when he sees a specific person in the painting, it is always back to him and his own thoughts. It is important to examine your own perspective, also with regard to the Self-perception.

How would you like to see yourself? Does the image you have of yourself match reality?
Very distorted or disfigured portraits Feelings of guilt or the feeling of not being worth enough.

Another aspect of psychological interpretation is to become more independent of the views of others. The dreamer should be up own judgment instead of aligning yourself with what others want. He will never be able to please everyone anyway, and he has to live with the consequences of his decisions, not them. The painting symbolizes the rigid image that the dreamer believes he has to fulfill.

Dream symbol “painting” – the spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual sense, a painting represents a dream symbol icon or a spiritual role model. A painted scene may also point to one Ort or one incident which will become important in the future.

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