Accompaniment – dream interpretation(X)

An activity is often more fun when you do it with others. This applies to a visit to the cinema or theater as well as to a trip and a walk. You can exchange information directly about what you perceive. And you can also share the memories of it. Specially trained companions for seniors support them in everyday life. One animal has long been considered man’s most loyal companion: the dog.

Accompaniment - dream interpretation

If someone dreams of a companion, they may have planned a trip and don’t want to go on it alone.

Maybe he would also like to accompany someone himself, to a party, for example.

What is particularly interesting for dream interpretation is whether the companion in the dream is a friend or acquaintance or a stranger.

Dream symbol “companion” – the general interpretation

In popular dream interpretation, an accompaniment is an indication that someone is looking for the dreamer. The dream symbol signals to him that a person is waiting for news from him. For one alienation is the dream image when someone takes the dreamer to the train station or airport, for example. Accompanying you on departure can also herald illness.

A positive sign is the dream symbol “companion” in connection with a walk or a stroll on the street. According to dream analysis, the dream suggests new acquaintances and have a happy time. In real life, the sleeping person may currently be making a new circle of friends in which they feel very comfortable.

If the companion in the dream is a good acquaintance, the dream image promises, according to traditional dream interpretation, the fulfillment of long-cherished dreams Wishes. The dreamer may find something that he thought was lost and that is very important to him. If the person accompanying you is a superficial acquaintance, the dream is a coded advice to devote more time to social contacts.

The dream symbol “companionship” is also an invitation to the relationship friends to maintain. If the sleeping person in the dream is in the company of a friend who has already died in reality, in general dream analysis this means luck and surprising news.

If a friend who is still alive accompanies the dreamer, the dream image is as warning to understand before acting rashly. In a difficult situation, the dreamer may actually need the help of someone close to him.

Dream symbol “companion” – the psychological interpretation

From the aspects of psychological dream analysis, the dream symbol “companion” represents part of the dreamer’s psyche. In the dream, he takes hidden or suppressed ones Characteristics and needs and has to deal with them. The accompanying person is therefore a kind of double.

In addition, a dream about a companion can express the longing for a specific person. The dream may have deep feelings for someone and make a wish more intensive contact to him.

If the dream events proceed harmoniously, the dream image should be interpreted as a positive sign, according to dream interpretation. If the mood between the companion and the sleeping person appears hostile, the subconscious sends a clear signal that his love has no chance.

If the dream symbol “companion” involves acquaintances and friends, it is a symbol of familiar feelings and thoughts or character traits. The dreamer may not have dealt with his own concerns for a long time. The dream demands more from him Attention towards yourself.

If friends accompany the dreaming, the dream draws his attention to personal abilities and strengths according to the understanding of psychological dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “companion” – the spiritual interpretation

On the level of spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “companion” helps in the search mental clarity. The sleeping person trusts someone important in the dream allies who guides them into the transcendent world.

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