Fisherman – dream interpretation

We usually have a romantic idea of ​​the job of a fisherman: Before sunrise, the old bearded man is out on the lake or sea in his boat, alone with nature and its elements. He finally returns to the harbor with a bunch of delicious fish. Seagulls and perhaps even a hungry pelican approach him chattering on the pier to grab one or two fish scraps. The fisherman spends the rest of the day tying his net on the idyllic shore and enjoying the setting sun with a view of the wide sea. He drinks tea with rum and is satisfied.

In reality, however, fishing is a very difficult livelihood and the fisherman has to fight not only against the forces of nature but also against the harsh laws of the market. Prices are falling, but so are fish stocks.

Someone who can inspire others and knows how to gather a large group of followers is called a “fisher of men”. If you have a foreseeable success in convincing an interesting person to do something, for example to sign a contract, you have a proverbial one “big fish on the hook”.

If you dream of a fisherman, you may be surprised at first and ask yourself what the dream is trying to tell you with this symbol. Perhaps the connection with the element of water makes him feel particularly light and free. When interpreting dreams, it is important to distinguish whether the dreamer is the fisherman himself or whether he sees one.

Dream symbol “fisherman” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “fisherman” is often one warning from false friends who want to seduce the dreamer into behavior in real life that he actually rejects. If one sees or speaks to a fisherman in a dream, fraud may result. However, it can also be a clergyman: something may be weighing on him Conscience of the dreamer that he would like to confess.

If you embody the dream symbol “fisherman” yourself, you should take care of important matters as quickly as possible, otherwise your catch will escape you. The fisherman as well as his tool, the fishing rod, promise success and financial gain as positive symbols in dream interpretation.

The dream symbol “fisherman” often points to one’s own feelings in dream interpretation. This is how the desire to “catch” a partner is sometimes expressed in dreams. If you dream of catching fish, perhaps with a fishing net or a fish trap, it often represents a request to the dreamer to focus more intensively on his inner self. The one won in this way Self-knowledge leads to greater inner harmony.

When interpreting dreams, you have to distinguish which activity the dream symbol is related to: The simple fisherman is the breadwinner of a family, in the deep sea fisherman finds bravery their expression and the river fisherman may indicate a need in the dream Quiet and relaxation.

Dream symbol “fisherman” – the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “fisherman” brings out the hidden one from the depths of the subconscious soul content out. What unconsciously concerns the dreamer is brought to the surface by the fisherman in the dream so that he can deal with it.

In dream interpretation, the fish caught can provide information about the psyche of the dreamer. A big fish corresponds to a powerful ego, a colorful fish represents a multi-faceted personality. Becoming aware of unprocessed events in dreams can Blockages solve in real life.

Parallels to the dream symbol “fisherman” often appear in dreams everyday life. If you leave your catch in the net in a dream instead of taking it out, you could possibly achieve more in your professional life with greater effort.

If you, as a fisherman, scale a fish in a dream, this symbolizes in dream interpretation that it suddenly becomes clear to you how you have to proceed in order to be successful: it falls to you “like scales from the eyes”.

The carp with its special scales also has a special meaning for dream analysis. If such a fish is caught and scaled in a dream, the dreamer will soon be freed from financial bottlenecks and hardships. A money growth sometimes announces itself with this dream image.

Dream symbol “fisherman” – the spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, the fish is a spiritual animal on a spiritual level and the fisherman represents one as a dream symbol priest. Peter was a fisherman, and the Pope wears the fisherman’s ring as his successor.

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