Piglet – dream interpretation

We call a piglet a pig child that is born after almost four months of gestation. It also has a lot of siblings, as an average of ten other little piglets are born with it. At birth, a piglet weighs around one kilo, six months later this has grown to an impressive 70 kilos.

The term “piglet” is used until the little piggy weighs around 25 kilograms. Pigs are very fertile animals; the mother gives birth to small piglets up to twice a year. The little ones are born with a big appetite, sucking up to 10 liters of milk every day from their mother’s teats. The rapid weight gain is no longer surprising. A pig as such can live up to 12 years. Once fully grown, it weighs up to 130 kilograms, a good ten times as much as when it was born.

If we see a small, pink piglet with a curly tail, it triggers cries of delight in many people, the little grunts are so cute. But this cuteness visibly disappears as it grows larger. By the way, the little piglets are not related to the aardvark, which comes from Africa – they just have similar trunk ends.

We often associate dirt and filth with adult pigs, which is probably due to the fact that they are constantly digging in the mud somewhere and, due to their voracity, are constantly plowing through the ground with their trunks. This is probably where the term “piglet” comes from for an unkempt person or a dirty toddler.

Find out in the following text what the piglet can mean in a dream. An exciting dream interpretation awaits you!

Dream symbol “piglet” – the general interpretation

In general, the dream symbol “piglet” symbolizes a happy and carefree timethat awaits the dreamer.

Especially if he recognizes himself in the dream feeding the little piglet or running into it. Pigs themselves have always been a symbol of good luck.

According to general dream interpretation, this dream symbol also encourages you to think more about yourself and others. If the dreamer sees little piglets being suckled by their mother, it is primarily their own behavior that they should think about.

If the piglet is surrounded by big, fat adult pigs, the omens are very good for one successful future. If the little animals are rolling comfortably in the mud, you should act a little more carefully in your ventures, because the dreamer is threatened with gossip and disrepute if he tries to achieve success and fame through dishonest machinations.

Dream symbol “piglet” – the psychological interpretation

The piglet as a dream symbol can also be interpreted positively from a psychological perspective. Even though pigs are perceived as “dirty” animals, they are actually clean animals. They dig in mud and in both moist and dry soil. But this is also where their connection to the earth becomes apparent.

And here the dream interpretation also sees the connection to the dreamer: If he sees a piglet in the dream, it can express his wish to connect more deeply with himself root and therefore feel connected to the earth. Even mature people can feel completely unsupported inside if they lack grounding.

Likewise, another part of the personality emerge through this dream image. Just as the little piglet wallows in the dirt, every person also has their baser urges and ruthless, greedy sides.

Dream symbol “piglet” – the spiritual interpretation

On the transcendental level, the dream symbol “piglet” represents the recognition of needsto feel connected to Mother Earth and to perceive the resulting physical experience.

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