Taste – dream interpretation

Every person has their own sense of taste. What is too spicy or salty for one person may be completely normal or even bland for another. For example, everyone agrees that a lemon is sour and a sugar cube is sweet. A gourmand may even have a very exquisite taste that goes far beyond what an untrained tongue can taste.

However, the concept of taste cannot only refer to eating or drinking. In a figurative sense, behind “having good taste” can also be a confident sense of style in fashion or other things.

Dream interpretation also distinguishes between these two levels when interpreting the dream image “taste”. Therefore, when interpreting, one should carefully consider the context in which the dream symbol appeared during sleep.

Dream symbol “taste” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, everything that can be seen in the dream symbol “taste” can be seen tendencies of the sleeper. He knows how to distinguish between what he likes or doesn’t like in the waking world. If something in the dream is not to the dreamer’s taste, it does not correspond to his values ​​and ideals. If you notice in a dream that the surroundings have “good taste”, this can be an indication that you appreciate beautiful things.

A pleasant taste in the mouth or on the tongue in a dream, such as from a tasty sauce, usually indicates the abundance of the Possibilities in the dreamer’s life. He should also know how to use this. An unpleasant taste as a dream symbol, such as that of castor oil, can indicate that one is following false beliefs or needs in the waking world. Anyone who enjoys the good aroma or bouquet of a wine in a dream has a positive future with joyful times ahead of them.

In connection with the dream symbol “taste”, the general dream interpretation also recommends paying attention to what triggers the good or bad taste. What food did you see in your dream? Was it fruit or berries, like mulberries, or rather sausage and cheese? Maybe you also ate turnips?

The taste can also provide further aspects. Was the food salty or sweet? Maybe an exotic mix of sweet and sour like a quince or a pomegranate? Or was a different sense of taste appealed to? Did you perhaps also eat a sweet, like a lollipop, or rather a roll pug? Mustard also has its own unique taste – sometimes hot, sometimes mild.

Anyone who demonstrates good taste in clothing or fashion in a dream is with his Self-image in harmony in waking life. On the other hand, not having a good sense of beauty in a dream indicates that you are not at peace with yourself and your appearance. If other people show a good sense of style or color in the dream, the sleeping person’s abilities are valued and recognized in the waking world.

Dream symbol “taste” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream image “taste”, especially if it is a good one, can refer to the Value determinations of the dreamer. He knows what he likes and is aware of his own opinion. However, these standards can also get mixed up in dreams. This can then be shown by the dreamer suddenly liking things or colors that would otherwise not suit their taste.

If you like the taste of certain dishes in your dream and are happy about these culinary delights, such as macaroni and cheese, you are in the waking world with your life satisfied. However, if a dish lacks some spice while you are sleeping, this suggests a certain level of dissatisfaction.

If margarine tastes better than butter in a dream, you should try to get your affairs in order so that you are prepared even in lean times. If something tastes like peppermint in a dream, you may have a meeting with an impressive personality.

Dream symbol “taste” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “taste” can lead the dreamer to more sensitivity and call for awareness. Because through this he learns to appreciate more beautiful and finer things on a spiritual level.

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