Burglary – dream interpretation

It is usually the hope of finding valuable stolen goods that entices a person to commit a burglary. The burglar uses burglary tools such as a crowbar, a hammer, pliers or a lock pick to gain unauthorized access to a house or apartment when the residents are not there. Apartments on the ground floor or basement are often ideal for this as they are easier to access. When searching for valuable things, everything is ransacked and often a lot is destroyed, as the burglar is usually in a great hurry to avoid being discovered.

Burglary - dream interpretation

In the event of a home break-in, it is not only the loss of property and assets, which usually have not only material but also idealistic value, that is dramatic. For many people, it is far worse that someone has invaded their private spaces, their beloved home. The result of a break-in is often that these people no longer feel safe in their own four walls.

Of course, there are just as many break-ins in shops, mostly small kiosks and gas stations, but also larger stores. In the hope that there is still money in the cash register, it is then cracked, the safe is broken into or valuable goods are stolen.

What do the dream image “burglary” and breaking in while sleeping mean?

Not only is the actual break-in important in dream analysis, the dream context is also crucial for the interpretation: How did a burglar get into the building and how did the dreamer become aware of the break-in while sleeping? Find out more about these and similar dream interpretations:

Dream symbol “burglary” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Tools used for the dreamed break-in

As dream symbols, burglary tools are often a warning of unpleasant surprises. Professional difficulties or misfortune may be waiting for the dreamer. Anyone who commits a burglary in a dream using a tool longs for better financial resources and more luxury. If a burglar holds a tool such as a lockpick or a crowbar in his hand and is observed by the dreamer, this symbolizes his own instinctual life. Previously unfulfilled sexual fantasies slowly come to light.

How does the burglar gain access in a dream?

Klirrrr – what was that? Dreaming of breaking in through a window

If you saw a window in a dream through which the burglar came, this symbolizes an opportunity that arises contrary to expectations.

The path was actually blocked, but a surprising turn of events opens up new possibilities for the dreamer. – Maybe you already have an idea what the dream of breaking into a window portends?

Through the basement or a basement window: How the break-in happens in a dream

Similar to the dream of entering through a room window, the dream symbol “basement window” also shows an opportunity that suddenly arises in life

Similar to the dream of entering through a room window, the dream symbol “basement window” also shows an opportunity that suddenly arises in life. This can be of a professional or private nature. Whether it’s a new job or a new valuable acquaintance, that depends on the other dream circumstances. The cellar symbolizes the deeply hidden subconscious that is reached here. Something fundamental (positive) changes in the dreamer’s attitude to life.

Breaking in through the front door, interpretation of a dream image

Because the closed front door is a dream symbol that protects the innermost, the inner life, breaking in through this door or breaking it open shows an intrusion into the dreamer’s privacy. you find out the exact age of an older person in your dream, for example if they are over 70, 80 or even over 90 years old, the individual age numbers should also be analyzed.

Now the question arises as to whether the burglar has emptied the house or not: If the intentions are negative, someone in waking life is pushing too hard into the life of the dreamer. However, if the break-in is surprisingly positive, a person or an issue will be an asset.

Where the break-in takes place in the dream

An apartment is broken into in a dream

Anyone who dreams of a house break-in while sleeping usually wakes up excited. However, the dream image of breaking into an apartment does not herald a real break-in into the dreamer’s own home. Rather, the symbol shows that the usual order in life is being disrupted.

The dream interpretation also refers to the condition of the apartment after the break-in: If it was messy and was searched, then the dreamer is also on something in his life after the search.

Experiencing a break-in into a house or home – a fearful dream

According to traditional dream interpretation, if one experiences a break-in into a building, a single-family or multi-family house in a dream, this always indicates the dreamer’s mental life. The burglar represents an outside influence who gains unauthorized access to the house and thus to the emotional and spiritual world.

Is there someone you dislike and want to avoid? The subconscious may be processing exactly this feeling. If your own home is threatened in a dream and a break-in occurs there, the dreamer is afraid of his hidden desires that could come to light.

Dreaming about your car being broken into

Experiencing your own car being broken into can be a very shocking dream experience. After all, the vehicle is usually very valuable and you often have important things stored in it.

The dream symbol of breaking into a car can signal that there are people in the dreamer’s life who interfere too much with his privacy and thus put him under emotional strain. Maybe the dreamer should address these things openly.

Dream symbol “burglary” – the general interpretation

A break into the dream world is a disturbing experience for many dreamers. However, dream research interprets this dream image in many different ways.

It can be an indication that the sexual drive is breaking through. If a woman dreams of a break-in or robbery, this dream image can refer to a woman Love adventures Clues. On the other hand, it can be the announcement of one misfortune or an unpleasant surprise. Sometimes the break-in also warns of illness.

If the dreamer can observe a burglar while sleeping, then this dream image should be a sign for one false friend be in the waking world who takes advantage of the dreamer. The crook is also always a threat to professional success and standing in society.

If the dream is courageous and determined, then he can successfully defend himself against this threat. If the dreamer is attacked by a burglar, then he is also threatened with dangerous opponents in the waking world. If this dream image appears, extreme caution should be exercised when doing business with strangers.

However, there are also positive interpretations of this dream image: If the dream can thwart a burglary, successfully surprises and catches the burglar, then he may be in the near future Success and Honor erlangen.

If the dreamer hands over a criminal to the police in the dream world, this heralds a win in a lawsuit or a reward. If the break-in in the dream world is carried out by the dreamer himself, this indicates that he longs for wealth.

Dream symbol “burglary” – the psychological interpretation

If a break-in or theft occurs in the dream world, then the psychological dream interpretation interprets this dream image as an indication of a previously hidden part of the psyche that is now forcefully pushing into consciousness. This can also be about repressed sexuality act. The urges then threaten to get out of control.

If the dreamer experiences an entry into a building, then this dream image can also be an indication of an exaggerated one mistrust be. In this case, the dreamer often sees possessiveness and deception in the waking world and believes that in conflicts it is always others who are to blame. People who see the dream symbol “stealing money” are often and usually without reason afraid of material losses and constantly fear negative surprises.

The break in the dreamer’s sleep often indicates something else unnoticed danger but this can usually still be averted. Sometimes it is also feelings of guilt or shame that are symbolized by the break-in.

Dream symbol “burglary” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the burglary is seen as a dream image for one violent entry interpreted. This penetration can relate to both mental and physical areas. Someone or something is trying to take control of the person affected.

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