Battery – dream interpretation

Akku is a short form for the word “accumulator”. Behind it is a rechargeable storage device for electrical energy. Most of the time, the term “battery” is used colloquially in connection with a cell phone, a cordless screwdriver or another technical device. Nowadays, more and more electric cars and bicycles run on batteries. But often this also refers to your own strength reserves. “I can’t take it anymore. My battery is empty!” – is a common sentence when you lose your strength.

Battery - dream interpretation

The dream of an empty battery seems particularly common, which may be because many people deal with this situation every day.

We’ll take a closer look at what the dream image means exactly and what a battery generally says in dream analysis in the following article:

Dream symbol “battery” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Battery empty! What the discharged memory means as a dream symbol

In a dream, the battery symbolizes the life energy of the sleeping person. The empty battery can now be understood as an alarm signal about dwindling strength.

He points out that you should take a little more care of yourself in everyday life and better organize your own energy balance. Maybe it’s time to accept help, say no or share work with others. The dreamer’s subconscious uses the dream image of an empty battery to help him understand how necessary a break is.

Dream symbol “battery” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “battery” can be a reference to the Energy potential of the dreaming can be interpreted. If the dreamer sees an empty or almost empty battery in his dream, he should be aware that he is at a low energy level. His strength is almost used up in the waking world and he needs to recharge his strength reserves.

This means that he should consciously allow himself to rest or relax. Maybe he also needs to change his lifestyle to find more relaxation. A healthier lifestyle can also help you gain new strength. However, if the battery is full in the dream, this symbolizes, according to the general dream interpretation, that the dreamer has enough energy for upcoming tasks.

In addition, the electrical device in which the battery becomes visible in the dream can provide further conclusions for the interpretation of the dream. The battery of a cell phone as a dream symbol can, for example, refer to the communication skills of the dreamer in the waking world.

If the smartphone battery is full in the dream, the dreamer is making full use of his talents. A battery that is only partially charged with electricity as a dream symbol, on the other hand, wants to show him that there is still potential here and that he should continue to develop his skills.

Dream symbol “battery” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees the dream symbol “battery” as having a similar meaning to that of a battery. This means the battery in the dream can be seen as a sign Energy and Life energy be interpreted.

Depending on the level of the dream battery, it can be weakened by external circumstances in the waking world. The dreamer should therefore find out what or who is robbing him of his energy in waking life. It is also important to consider whether you want to allow this to happen in the long term.

If a male dreamer sees an empty battery in a dream, this can be his problem fear before losing his sexual urges or showing impotence. He should investigate the causes of these fears in the waking world in order to process them accordingly.

An empty cell phone battery in a dream also shows the dreamer that his freedom in real life feels restricted. He wants to act far more independently than he is actually able to.

Dream symbol “battery” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual dream interpretation, anyone who charges a battery in a dream should ask themselves which part of them is new in the waking world charged must become.

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