Fire department – dream interpretation

If there is a fire, they are the savior in an emergency: the fire department. She can be called quickly in emergency situations by dialing 112. Whether they are employed or volunteer, firefighters have the task of extinguishing fires with a fire extinguisher or a fire extinguisher, thereby preventing damage to buildings and, above all, to the occupants. This job always means a danger to the fire department – after all, a burning building can collapse, for example, and unfortunately firefighters have died in action far too often.

But the fire brigade is not only called when there is a fire. Their areas of application also include helping in the event of accidents, for example to free trapped passengers from the vehicle after a car accident or to remove all vehicle remains from the road. The fire brigade is also deployed in natural disasters such as floods.

In general, firefighters tend to have a high reputation because they risk their lives to save other people and buildings. The fire department is a dream symbol that often appears in a dream – in most cases in combination with the original dream image of fire.

But what does it mean if the fire department plays an important role in your dream? Note any dream symbols that played a role in your sleep: Maybe you also saw a fire hydrant, water or a cat in a tree that needed to be rescued? Or did you notice an intense smell of burning?

Dream symbol “fire department” – the general interpretation

Although the fire department has other areas of operation, it usually puts out fires in a dream. Therefore, it is important to be clear about the dream interpretation of fire in order to be able to interpret the dream about the fire department. Fire represents energy, spirit, love and passion. Anyone who extinguishes a fire in the fire department in a dream could perhaps try to extinguish these aspects of themselves while they are awake and thus eliminate them if possible.

Sometimes the dream image of the fire department is a sign that you will expose a fraudster or that you should keep your eyes open for false friends and crooks. Dreaming often sees a fire department. This dream symbol usually means that he will soon be in a big situation Not could find again. Likewise, he may have worries ahead of him, but these could ultimately turn out for the better and even bring him happiness.

If the fire truck you dreamed of also has a syringe, then this dream image is usually a reference to one Dangerthat threatens you when you are awake. If the fire brigade itself has an accident, then according to the dream interpretation you could soon have an accident or a bad one Loss suffer. If in the dream about the fire department a young woman should be one of the firemen and possibly even drive the vehicle herself, then she could soon start a disreputable affair.

If the fire department helps put up a maypole while you sleep, you should devote yourself to your creative passions. Because you should rediscover these in order to use them consciously. The sight of firefighters wearing breathing masks can often warn of slander in the world of security.

Dream symbol “fire department” – the psychological interpretation

As already indicated above, the fire department as a dream symbol is partly a sign of difficulties that lie ahead for the dreamer. At the same time, the dream image also means that you… difficulties with the help of others, just as the fire department can put out a serious fire and save your own burning house.

The dream of the fire department often symbolizes in dream interpretation discipline and Self-control, which the dreamer shows towards his passions. Your self-control may ensure that passions raging within you that could harm you do not become raging in the first place. In the dream interpretation, the fire department kills germs with its jet and thus everything that could harm your soul or body while you are awake.

Did you put out the fire yourself in the dream? Then you may prefer the fire of yours even when you are awake feelings to check, so that it does not become a large, uncontrolled fire. If you are an observer watching the fire and the work of the fire brigade, according to the dream interpretation of the fire brigade, let your feelings run free. The dream image could also indicate that you are prone to pyromania and would like to see more fire than, for example, the controlled fireplace.

Dream symbol “fire department” – the spiritual interpretation

The fire brigade as a dream symbol means, depending on how actively the dreamer was actively involved in the firefighting operation, that he may not have enough space for the spiritual fire within himself Grow gives.

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