Pageant – dream interpretation

A parade is a large civil procession that is carried out on specific occasions. This could, for example, be the start of a large folk festival or a carnival parade. A religious occasion can also be the reason for a parade. But this is usually referred to as a procession.

In a pageant there is a precise order of participants. This list must be adhered to. That’s why everyone involved receives a so-called platoon number, which must also be visible during the march.

There are various options for getting around within the parade, so you can usually march, drive or ride a horse. It is therefore not uncommon for you to see cars or other vehicles or horses during such a lift.

Dream symbol “pageant” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “pageant” symbolizes upcoming events for the sleeping person, according to general dream interpretation Changes. Either his current living conditions will change fundamentally or he will change his attitude to life. The dream image can also indicate the fear of disappointed expectations.

The sight of a torchlight procession in a dream can illustrate that the sleeper indulges in very specific pleasures in waking life and suffers financial losses as a result. If the dreamer himself takes part in such a pageant with a torch in his hand, he should be in the waking world with his Commitments occupy. Because he seems to have forgotten something here.

Generally speaking, a train that leads to a tent at a fairground in a dream usually brings joy and joy to the dreamer happy times with yourself. If a band plays their marching music during the pageant, the sleeper should become aware of his or her social standing. He is respected and welcomed by his fellow human beings. Stilt walkers at a pageant in a dream call for more humility in life and warn against too much vanity.

As a dream image, a parade with a maypole can remind you to consciously focus on your creativity. If a parade takes place in your dream for your first communion, you should continue to remain mentally independent and not rush headlong into a project.

Dream symbol “pageant” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the sight of a pageant or parade in a dream can indicate something or someone that the dreamer sees in the waking world admired. Who or what it is can often be determined from the reason for the march or other details.

If the dreamer himself is part of the procession in his sleep, he wants attention and praise in waking life for a certain idea that he has been holding on to for a long time. If the parade in the dream takes place with great pomp, the dreamer should fulfill his need recognition be aware. He wants to be recognized in the waking world for achievements and abilities.

Dream symbol “pageant” – the spiritual interpretation

Within the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the parade in the dream embodies a group of like-minded people, to which the dreamer would like to belong. In addition, the dream image “pageant” can indicate people who are characterized by great spiritual knowledge.

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