Abdicate – dream interpretation

Abdicating means resigning from a task, office or position. You voluntarily give up a position and either turn to new fields of activity or withdraw into your private life.

Those who abdicate have generally held an important social or political function: as mayor, as minister, as president or as king. After abdicating something new begins, perhaps an even more exciting challenge, but perhaps also a reflection on the “real” life away from the spotlight.

However, some people do not resign of their own free will, but act under pressure from others. Maybe he doesn’t meet the expectations placed on him or he has competition. Maybe the abdication just means that the time is ripe for change.

If you dream of abdicating, the feelings you experience in the dream play a significant role. Do you give up your position voluntarily? Do you feel bored or overwhelmed by your previous tasks? Do you look forward to the time after abdication with relief, with fear or with curiosity? Dream interpretation gives different answers to this.

Dream symbol “abdicate” – the general interpretation

In the dream interpretation, anyone who abdicates descends from their throne and returns to the ground of reality. The dreamer may realize that he is in waking life Illusions has given up. He recognized something in the dream as a whitewash and is ready to break away from it.

If ambitious expectations are linked to the dream symbol “abdicate”, it can be an indication of career advancement and positive development Career be very general. If the dream hears about the resignation of others, inconveniences may lie ahead.

If someone gives up a position or office in a dream, the dream symbol “abdicate” also symbolizes the new paths that need to be entered and explored. In dream interpretation, resignation also means one Conversion in life and saying goodbye to previous habits. The dreamer should think about what is really important to him and focus on that Essentials reflect on his life.

Dream symbol “abdicate” – the psychological interpretation

The subconscious shows the dreamer who dreams of abdicating that he has the need to face reality: he should not deceive himself and that face facts.

In dream interpretation, the dream of abdicating can also hide the fear of having done something wrong or of not meeting the demands and requirements. You step back in the dream because you psychological stress no longer grew. Abdicating can also prove to be an advantage in dream interpretation if you leave previous paths and instead take new paths that better suit your own needs.

The dream symbol “abdicate” is closely related to high offices and dignity. In dream interpretation, this dream image also reflects the attitude of the dreamer Influence and Power wider.

Anyone who abdicates in a dream shows through their significant position that they are ready to take responsibility and make important decisions. With the resignation, the dream symbol “abdicate” also signals to the dreamer that he occasionally overestimates himself and should view himself more critically.

Dream symbol “abdicate” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream interpretation understands the dream symbol “abdicate” on the spiritual level as a request to the dreamer to commit to it Unbendbaren to subjugate.

Around the spiritual powers To free yourself, you have to let go of everything that is unimportant and give up the daily struggle.

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