Vulture – dream interpretation

Vultures are generally referred to as large birds of prey that primarily eat carrion. They usually have to fight with hyenas or even lions over a rotting carcass.

In the Goshawk family there are several subfamilies known as vultures. These include the Old World vultures, which are distributed in southern Europe, Africa and Asia, three of the four species of the Gypaetinae, such as the bearded vulture and the New World vultures in North and South America.

Vultures can also occasionally be seen in the dream world. There they are usually perceived as unpleasant or threatening by the dreamer – but does that mean they also have a negative meaning as dream animals? We’ll get to the bottom of this question.

Dream symbol “vulture” – the general interpretation

A vulture in the dream world is often a warning to the dreamer. Sometimes it symbolizes intellectual sharpness, but this is often with Lack of feeling tied together. Vultures can therefore indicate that someone is trying to take advantage of the dreamer because he knows his weaknesses.

Depending on the dream plot, the vulture can conversely warn the dreamer not to behave in the same way towards his fellow human beings.

If a single vulture is seen in the dream world, dream research often interprets it as a warning about one Intrigue as well as malicious speech or a serious illness. If the dreamer observes how a vulture eats, he will soon feel uncomfortable. A flying vulture may herald an upcoming injustice that the dreamer will have to suffer from.

A vulture is interpreted more positively when it is seen above its prey. In this case the dreamer will soon Luck have and solve his difficulties.

Hunting and killing a vulture in the dream world shows that the sleeper will defeat a hostile person.

Dream symbol “vulture” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, the vulture is usually used as a symbol Danger interpreted. However, the cause of this danger for the dreamer usually lies in a pathological self-centeredness. Therefore, the vulture in the dream world is always an important psychological warning signal that should not be overlooked.

In this context, the dreamed vulture can refer to you autism Clues. The dreamer is then too involved in himself because he cannot make contact with his environment. It is important that autism is not confused with selfishness. This can easily happen because the dreamer often makes strong demands in the waking world.

Dream research usually interprets the vulture as a symbol of the exploitative attitude that the dreamer has. The dreamer then moves through the waking world like the vulture and looks for his victims. This behavior results in the dreamer becoming mentally ill lonely is.

Dream symbol “vulture” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the vulture is considered warning sign for a danger that questions one’s own beliefs.

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