Fax – dream interpretation

A fax is the transmission of a document via telephone or radio, which is sent and received using a special device via a dedicated fax number. The term is derived from the word “facsimile,” which means replica. Telefacsimile became fax, the shortening of which is fax.

So-called copy telegraphs or facsimile machines, which could transmit black and white images electrically, were the first fax pioneers in the first half of the 19th century. Modern fax machines have been on the market since the 1970s, but it was only ten years later that they began to be used en masse in offices and later also in private households. Many printers and copiers have an additional function as a fax machine.

Legally speaking, faxes have the same status as registered mail, but are significantly cheaper and faster than registered mail. Nowadays, e-mail is often used, but this is not always legally valid due to the lack of a personal signature – a letter or fax is then used.

If someone dreams of a fax or sending a fax, they may want to communicate something to another person. But he may also be hoping for messages that someone else faxes to him. When interpreting dreams, it is of particular interest whether the dreamer is the sender or receiver and what the fax contains in the dream.

Dream symbol “fax” – the general interpretation

With a fax, people are able to transcend space and time. It can transmit an image or text over long distances in a very short time. When interpreting dreams, the main question with this dream symbol is which one information the dreamer wants to share with others. Maybe there is something he doesn’t dare say in person, a very personal revelation or a secret wish.

The fax message in the dream may also be addressed to himself. The dream symbol draws the dreamer’s attention to something that he already knows deep down but does not want to consciously admit to himself. According to dream interpretation, this indirect way of communication can also be used in the dream to announce news that may frighten the dreamer.

In popular dream interpretation, a fax sent electronically is an indication of a change that will affect the dreamer in the near future. It calls on him to unite on important matters decision get. The dreamer often associates the dream symbol with negative news, for example a death or the failure of a business venture.

If the dreamer observes someone else sending a fax in the dream, this signals a negative message for them. However, if the person is a stranger to the sleeper, the symbolism refers to a person in the sleeper’s wider environment. Faxing a report yourself often refers to one Travelpossibly also due to alienation.

Dream symbol “fax” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “fax” in dream interpretation is a symbol of a smoothly running dream Communication. Since it occurs indirectly using a machine, the dream can be understood as an attempt by the subconscious to transmit a message from a hidden part of the psyche into the dreamer’s consciousness.

As an aid, the fax machine represents the logical, rational method with which emotions, fears and… Feelings of guilt should be made visible.

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, the fax can also be a call to contact a specific person. The impersonal way of dealing with one another, which is expressed by this dream symbol, can be a sign of a serious problem alienation and be socially lonely.

If the fax gets stuck in the device in the dream, meaning that message transmission is not completely possible, this indicates an inhibition in communication in the dream interpretation. A conversation is blocked.

Dream symbol “fax” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “fax” should be viewed from two aspects:

On the one hand, there can be one Message from the spiritual world, which should be given to the dreamer. On the other hand, it is revealed in the dream spiritual knowledge, which becomes a tangible insight in the fax. The dreamer can now state much more precisely what he believes in.

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