Bach – dream interpretation

A stream is a natural body of water that is not too wide and flows faster or slower. What is characteristic of a stream is that its water level rises or falls and even the natural course of the stream can change. Here a natural stream is subject to a completely natural dynamic.

A stream is divided into three parts along its entire route: the mountain stream, the low mountain stream and the lowland stream. In the former there is a strong current due to the large gradient and the stream bottom is very rocky here. In low mountain streams, the flow decreases with the gradient and develops into a lowland stream, where there is only a slight gradient and the water flows very leisurely.

Numerous plants and animals have adapted to life in and around the stream. Some fish species have developed powerful muscles to be able to swim against the water current; Aquatic insects can easily cling to the ground with their little legs without being washed away. Many bird species breed near streams because they find sufficient food in the water. The dipper, the kingfisher and the wagtail, for example, live here.

When dreaming about a stream, it is therefore important for dream interpretation how exactly the body of water appears to the dreamer.

Dream symbol “Bach” – the general interpretation

The possible interpretations of the dream symbol “Bach” are as individual as they are diverse. If you dream of a refreshing swim in a stream, this may herald the coming recovery after a long illness.

A stream that promises clear water successes in the professional and financial areas, while murky water, on the other hand, concerns professional problems or even financial ones losses warns.

And what does the water level of the body of water look like in your dream? If the water level is high, this symbolizes a fulfilled life. An almost dry stream indicates a rather lonely and impoverished life, which certainly does not necessarily relate to the material level.

However, there are a number of other possible interpretations:

  • Lots of fish in the stream: luck awaits you
  • go down the stream: points to the future
  • drive up it: points towards the past
  • a cloudy, musty-smelling body of water: reflects the possibly gloomy mood in waking life
  • swimming against the current: you don’t want to adapt
  • a dry stream: reminiscent of times of need.

Dream symbol “Bach” – the psychological interpretation

If the stream in the dream appears like a raging, wild body of water that the dreamer has difficulty crossing, then from a psychological point of view this can be an indication Problems be, the cause of which lies on an unconscious level.

Stones or rubble at the bottom of the stream that make it difficult for the person affected to walk can also show that it is currently very difficult for them to gain access to their emotional issues.

Concrete or stone walls on the banks of a stream can be restrictive Social norms Clues. The further course of the dream can show how the dreamer deals with these in real life. Does he perceive the walls as an obstacle or does he overcome them without any problems?

If the dreamer sees a bridge over the stream in his dream experience, this can show him a way as to how he can best overcome existing difficulties.

Dream symbol “Bach” – the spiritual interpretation

Similar to the spiritual dream interpretation of the river, the stream and therefore, in a broader sense, the water, also stands for life force and Rebirth. All life comes from water. The stream symbolizes this here course of life.

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