Swimsuit – dream interpretation

Wearing swimsuits and bikinis is a given for girls and women today. Every woman can decide for herself whether she wants to show a lot of skin or less skin. However, women did not always have this freedom to present themselves in swimwear as they wanted.

At the beginning of the 20th century, it was still considered inappropriate if women’s legs were not covered in swimwear. Even men wore swimsuits at that time. However, they had more legroom and only had to cover their legs up to the knees.

In the past, the wrong choice of swimsuit could cause a lot of trouble and attention. Fortunately, this is rarely the case today – at least taste offenses are no longer punished. In the dream world it can also be about a swimsuit. However, when it comes to dream interpretation, it is crucial whether you dreamed about the swimwear as a man or as a woman.

Dream symbol “swimsuit” – the general interpretation

If the dreaming person is wearing a swimsuit in the dream, it is important to recall the feelings that you felt during the dream situation.

If you felt free and relaxed in a swimsuit, enjoyed the sun, the beach and the sea, the dream interpretation sees this as an indication of a very relaxed and happy life. The dreamer loves freedom and has a healthy self-esteem. Regardless of her actual age, she enjoys what life has to offer and radiates this to those around her.

Or maybe it was also feelings of shame that you felt when wearing the swimsuit. This may indicate that you get used to the real world very quickly perfectionistic thinking loses and is dominated by fears and self-doubt. Also pay attention to which areas of the body were or were not covered by the swimsuit.

If the swimwear showed parts of the body that are normally covered in a swimsuit, this may indicate a situation in waking life in which one felt exposed and shown off. This was possibly a massive attack on the dreamer’s personality and left her with a feeling of complete nudity and display.

If a man dreamed of a swimsuit, this often expresses the desire for femininity and physical closeness out of. In addition, the person wearing the swimsuit and the dreamer’s relationship to them in real life play a role here.

Dream symbol “swimsuit” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream image “swimsuit” raises the question of what one is prepared to reveal about oneself in waking life. Are you one of those people who openly show themselves as they are? Or are you always worried about attracting unpleasant attention and concealing subjective weaknesses?

In a man’s dream, the swimsuit often symbolizes erotic temptations, to which the man feels “at the mercy” in real life. He is still not sure whether he should give in to this exciting feeling inside him or resist it.

If a woman presents herself in an inappropriate environment in a swimsuit – i.e. not in or during a bath – this can happen irrational fears Clues. The dreamer may fear that in every everyday situation she will attract unpleasant attention through wrong actions, the wrong clothing or choice of words. Her whole thinking often revolves around what others might think of her and how she can avoid appearing in a bad light to other people.

Dream symbol “swimsuit” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, the swimsuit as a dream image is a symbol of femininity and shows that this is special protection requirement.

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