Geranium – dream interpretation

The geranium is correctly called Pelargonium or Pelargonium. It originally comes from South Africa, where there are over 250 wild species. In the 17th century, geranium was imported to Europe, where it was incorrectly called geranium. The term “geranium” was derived from this.

As a rule, geraniums are known to be long-flowering and hardy. Since they don’t require much care and bloom all summer long, these cranesbill plants are among the most popular balcony and garden flowers. They also offer a wide range of colors when it comes to their flowers: everything from white to pink, red or violet can be found.

Therefore, against this background, the color of the dream flowers should also be taken into account when dreaming of a geranium. Because this can provide further interesting approaches to interpretation. For example, if you see red geraniums in a dream, you can get an indication of your own joy in life.

Dream symbol “geranium” – the general interpretation

Geraniums as a dream symbol are used in general dream analysis good omen considered. The dreamer is in for a time of happiness and relaxation. You can look forward to happy times, especially in the family and at home. Fresh and beautiful geraniums in a dream also bring health and success, while wilted geranium flowers bring disappointment and failure.

Anyone who buys a geranium plant in a store in their dream usually expects it Profits financial. However, you should be careful not to spend money rashly.

If the dreamer digs a hole with a shovel while sleeping to plant a pelargonium, he receives a warning against being too careless, which could have a negative impact on his family life. Tearing down geraniums in a dream shows the sleeping person that his actions in the waking world will ruin his happiness.

If the dreamer receives a geranium flower in his sleep when confessing his love, it is generally considered to be his previously unfulfilled wish recognition be aware. This longing will soon be fulfilled and his concerns will be honored.

If you look favorably on cranesbill plants such as geraniums in your dream, you will be shown that the dispute in which you were recently involved is not as serious as first assumed.

Dream symbol “geranium” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological dream interpretation interprets the dream of geraniums to the effect that the dreamer is dealing with the emotional world other people, even though he is indifferent to them. He is faking his worries because he may be afraid of these people.

If the sleeper sees geraniums standing in the rain in his dream, his hopes and… expectations fulfill in waking life. Both the professional and private areas are addressed.

In addition, love affairs will also develop positively. Looking at a pelargonium photo can indicate the dreamer’s keen perception in emotional matters.

Viewed as a flower, the dream symbol “geranium” also embodies this female principle. If the flowers of the geranium open in a dream, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, this indicates an imminent development in waking life. The dreamer should not be afraid of this development of himself, but should be open to it.

Dream symbol “geranium” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual point of view, the dream symbol “geranium” expresses the warmth of the heart and that empathy what the dreamer shows other people in the waking world.

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