Lighter – dream interpretation

A lighter – a typical everyday item. The small, handy device is used to create a flame using a spark and a flammable substance. It is usually powered by gasoline, butane or propane gas; some lighters are refillable, others are disposable and made from simple plastic. There are even collectors who are primarily interested in high-quality Zippo lighters. The petrol lighters, which are made of metal and work even in storms, are sometimes equipped with a special design and decor.

Lighters are practical because they can be used to quickly light a candle or cigarette and start a fire. Unlike matches, the handheld device can be used more often – until the fuel runs out.

A lighter also appears in dreams from time to time and plays an important role. But what does the lighter symbolize in the dream? Rethink your dream and include as many details as possible in the analysis for an expanded dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “lighter” – the general interpretation

Playing around with a lighter, constantly turning the flame on and off in a dream, interprets the general dream interpretation as thoughtless actions of the dreamer in the waking world. With these actions, the dreamer meets with little love, and he may be able to push his fellow human beings away.

However, if the dreamer handles the lighter responsibly in the dream and lights a safe fire, he or she will probably be successful in love matters.

The dream symbol “lighter” can also be a good sign for the partnership of the dreamer can be interpreted in the waking world. With this dream image, the dreamer’s feelings towards his partner can be completely rekindled. If there are relationship problems, they will be resolved as quickly as possible; Ideally, a harmonious time begins. However, if the fire goes out, this dream image can indicate that the sleeper will lose advantages and life will be less pleasant in the future.

If a male dreamer wants to light up a room with a lighter during his sleep, but the device doesn’t work, this could mean the loss of a friend. This dream situation is intended to symbolize to female dreamers that they have to pause and more in their lives ponder should. There may be an area of ​​the affected person’s life that is very problematic. A past lifestyle can also cause difficulties.

If you find a lighter in your sleeping experience, you will most likely experience a surprise in reality. Plans will turn out differently than expected and expectations will not be fulfilled.

Dream symbol “lighter” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “lighter” represents the symbolic “lighting with fire” that the dreamer carries out in the waking world. This means that the person would like to start or speed up a matter. This can affect both the private sector and the professional life of the dreamer: Maybe there is a crush you would like to get to know better? Or a job that is promising?

Whether and how this area develops, whether the outcome is positive or negative, depends on the further details of the dream. Ideally, after waking up, the dreaming person analyzes all the symbols that appeared in their dream by typing all the terms one after the other into the search field at the top of this page.

For the well-known psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, the lighter in dreams was primarily a symbol associated with male aspects. First and foremost, it illustrates the Man power. A functioning and calmly burning lighter in a dream shows the dreamer that he can look forward to good physical condition and stamina in bed.

The opposite, i.e. an empty or sparkless lighter, can draw the dreamer’s attention to impotence that is possible in the future or has already occurred.

If a woman dreams of a reliable lighter, she will show a lot of willpower in everyday life; Conversely, the broken device as a dream image shows that the woman can no longer build up or feel passion for her partner – at least not to the same extent as before.

Dream symbol “lighter” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual interpretation of dreams describes lighting a lighter in a dream as this illumination of the spiritual spirit. The dreamer becomes one Understanding which will take him one step forward in his waking life.

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