Vegetables – dream interpretation

Vegetables are part of a varied menu. Thanks to global trade and modern techniques that allow vegetables to be grown far from their climatic homeland, we can choose from a wealth of varieties virtually all year round.

Local vegetables are still extremely popular, especially cabbage, potatoes, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, artichokes, celery, horseradish, tomatoes and carrots. Even today, some vegetables are still best eaten at a certain time of year. What would a spring be without fine asparagus, a winter without hearty kale or beet stew?

In the past, vegetables were cooked for a long time to kill any germs or boiled down for storage, but today they are only eaten lightly steamed or raw. Some vegetables eaten raw contain valuable substances, for example hot radishes are said to help against heartburn and even have a slight antibiotic effect.

If someone dreams of vegetables, they may actually have a need for certain vitamins. The appetite for the corresponding vegetables arises in the dream. But it may also be about plant-based food that the dreamer doesn’t like at all, and may even be disgusted by it. What is important for dream interpretation is the action with which the vegetable is associated, but also the variety.

Vegetable overview


Chard is a stem vegetable and is related to the turnip, but also similar in appearance to spinach. The plant with long leaves, which can be green or red in color, is considered a particularly healthy vegetable. Compared to spinach, the plant is even more aromatic and spicy. Chard has also always been used as a natural medicinal plant against nervousness and restlessness.

If you come across chard in a dream, you should see this dream image as a positive sign. It symbolizes health, of course, but also good luck in everything that is about to happen to you. Your activities will probably be successful, and career advancement may also be on the horizon. If you see a green chard plant with particularly smooth leaves in a dream, this can be a sign that you are finding yourself again after a stressful phase of inner turmoil. Caution is only advised when dreaming about the root of chard: This dream symbol represents failure, failure and the trouble that comes with it.

Dream symbol “vegetables” – the general interpretation

Just like fruits, the dream symbol “vegetables” represents sexual needs, but also for Success and positive developments. In dream interpretation, however, it depends on which vegetable it is about.

For example, if you eat garlic, onions or other varieties that have a strong influence on your breath in a dream, the dream symbol is a quarrel. It is possible that a friend or acquaintance of the dreamer unintentionally learns something that hurts them. While cucumber, asparagus and carrot are considered phallic symbols due to their shape, cabbage represents simplicity, spinach represents health and lettuce represents the beginning. Beans and peas herald income and profits in a dream.

In popular dream interpretation, what the dreamer does with the vegetables is also important. If you see the dream symbol, especially green vegetables, it is a sign of hard work. Planting it promises the dreamer joy in the heart. If marigolds grow next to the vegetables as a pest deterrent, you will probably be successful in the world of security.

As a dream situation, cutting vegetables with a knife signals that you are separating yourself from the idea of ​​great success and receiving a lot of money. You realize that fame was just a wish and that you should be content with the little things in life. Grating vegetables can often indicate recognition of one’s achievements by others.

Anyone who sees fresh greens in the garden in a dream must expect to discover a sad secret. Buying vegetables, perhaps at a stall at the weekly market, can mean grief and trouble in the dream interpretation, and in trading this can mean arguments. Finally, eating vegetables is an expression of strangeness fateillness and deception.

If cooked vegetables are spooned onto your plate while you sleep, you may be in for an invitation to a celebration. Vegetables with sauce as a dream image can often indicate health problems. When you sleep, the smell of rotting vegetables often makes it clear that something in the waking world is coming to an end.

Dream symbol “vegetables” – the psychological interpretation

On the one hand, vegetables symbolize vitality, nutrition and health, but on the other hand they also represent uneventfulness and boredom. Condemned to immobility, it vegetates like all plants. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol often reflects elementary feelings.

A sexual connection is also obvious: the shape of some vegetables can be assigned to the female or male sexual organ. If such vegetables are grown in a dream, it shows the unconscious desire for sexual fulfillment.

Eating or growing vegetables that cause flatulence sometimes reflects a physical or physical condition in a dream mental upset wider.

If the dream symbol “vegetables” is cooked for too long by the dreamer, so that in the end it is just puree, it indicates disturbed behavior when dealing with the problem. You focus too long and too strongly on a difficulty or on your partner, which has an overwhelming effect on them. The dreamer should become aware of these circumstances and try to change something about them.

Dream symbol “vegetables” – the spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “vegetables” is related to natural food and the question of what the dreamer is hungry for.

In spiritual terms it is a symbol of the intellectual creativity of the dreamer.

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