Shopping cart – dream interpretation

Until well into the twentieth century, people shopped almost daily in smaller stores in their immediate area. The goods were placed directly from the counter into the shopping bag that was brought along. When the first self-service shops appeared, special wire baskets were developed that customers could use to store products in the supermarket.

Shopping cart - dream interpretation

From the 1950s onwards, shopping carts were added, large shopping baskets on wheels in which large quantities of food, drinks and other goods can still be transported today. The fact that you can usually drive them right up to your car is an additional advantage.

If someone dreams of a shopping cart, they may remember in their sleep that they still need to buy something. The interpretation of the dream depends on whether the car is full or empty and what the dreamer’s desires are in reality.

Dream symbol “shopping cart” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, filling a shopping cart with all kinds of goods is a sign that the dreamer Lohn for his work and his achievements. The dream symbol represents the realization of long-prepared plans. However, if the basket is empty in the dream, the sleeper must expect setbacks.

The way he shops is also important. If the dreamer pushes the shopping cart around without finding anything, he obviously lacks the ability to make decisions. If he purposefully puts things in the dream that he needs, the dream image indicates a strong one Determination there. According to dream interpretation, it is also revealing how expensive the purchase is. The dreaming person may know exactly what they want, but the price might be too high.

Due to its size and the fact that you can push it, a shopping cart offers the opportunity to purchase a wide variety and variety of goods. Against this background, the dream symbol primarily represents the dreamer’s freedom of choice and is therefore a positive sign.

In the interpretation of dreams, however, the car also symbolizes the presence and satisfaction of needs. The dream may indicate that in real life the sleeper is trying to acquire values ​​that cannot be bought, such as recognition or affection.

The fuller the shopping cart is in the dream, the bigger the real one is Longing for attention. In dream analysis, the dream symbol often also represents wastefulness and a lack of self-discipline.

Dream symbol “shopping cart” – the psychological interpretation

A shopping cart is generally used in a supermarket. On the one hand, this is characterized by a large selection, but on the other hand, it is sometimes confusing.

For the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “shopping cart” is therefore an indication Feelings of powerlessness towards personal problems. The dreamer perceives his difficulties in real life as uncontrollable chaos. Putting selected goods in the basket in a dream is an attempt by the subconscious to create order.

The dream image also refers to certain things Values material or emotional nature that the sleeper has acquired over the course of his life. These are symbolically located in the shopping cart and will eventually be taken out again. According to dream analysis, this action is a sign that the dreaming person is ready to share his experiences and insights with those around him.

Dream symbol “shopping cart” – the spiritual interpretation

A large number of goods fit into a shopping cart. According to the understanding of spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol represents a treasure trove for spiritual energy Depending on whether the contents of the shopping cart seem useful to the dreamer or not, the dream image can also be mental ballast that hinders spiritual development.

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