lonely – dream interpretation

If you look at current statistics, more than 20 million people in Germany are currently single. However, this number says nothing about whether it was intentional or unintentional. And after all, being without a partner does not mean being unhappy or lonely.

Many single people enjoy being alone. You can do whatever you want without having to take a partner’s wishes or objections into account. There have also been hermits for thousands of years who have used their self-imposed isolation to recognize themselves and the world. They live a withdrawn life, more or less distant from other people.

Others, however, are less able to cope with being alone. You feel lonely. This feeling does not necessarily have to be triggered by a possible missing partner. A lack of family structures or social contacts are also factors that can give those affected a feeling of loneliness. Depression is often a result of loneliness.

In our dream world, in addition to images and situations, we can also perceive such feelings very clearly. But what does the dream image “lonely” want to tell us about ourselves? How do we interpret such a dream?

Dream symbol “lonely” – the general interpretation

If you have the feeling of being lonely in your dream, you shouldn’t worry when you wake up. Because the general dream interpretation sees the dream image as “lonely”. happy omen. It shows the dreamer that – in complete contrast to the feeling he experienced in the dream – he can stand on his own two feet. He is independent and knows that he does not need the help or good influence of other people.

However, as with all other dream symbols, the dream image of “lonely” also refers to the individual life situation arrives at the dreaming person. For anyone who feels lonely even in the waking world and therefore perhaps worries, the feeling of loneliness could illustrate how important social contact and encounters with other people would be. Maybe because of your shy personality you are more reserved and find it difficult to get in touch with other people.

In this context, the dream image “lonely” reflects the danger of isolation and wants to encourage the dreamer to think about a change and to actively look for ways out of (self-chosen) loneliness.

A lonely mountain pass in a dream illustrates a new beginning that the dreamer wants to create on his own. If you spend a holiday alone in a ski hut, you should often behave a little more humbly towards others.

Dream symbol “lonely” – the psychological interpretation

Even among many people you can feel lonely. If you have experienced this in a dream, it can show you that you may have been offended in contact with friends or other close people and are therefore withdrawing and isolating from them.

Standing alone and lonely in a landscape can be a dream experience that confirms that you enjoy being alone in real life decisions meets. However, if one feels a feeling of deep sadness along with the loneliness, this can show the person concerned that their decision to be alone is not always the right one.

Anyone who sees themselves as a child in a dream and feels lonely can learn from this dream experience that it is important to rely on others and trust that they will not be left alone.

Such a dream event can deeply unsettle the dreamer and leave him with the feeling of a truly lost and lonely child. However, you shouldn’t get too lost in this emotion. Rather, this dream situation wants to tell the dreamer that it is also up to him, himself Help to look for and strive for a stable social network.

Dream symbol “lonely” – the spiritual interpretation

From the perspective of spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “lonely” represents the completeness of the dreamer and that All-oneness with everything that is.

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