Badge – dream interpretation

A badge is an identification that is attached to clothing in the form of patches, pins, epaulettes or a sash and indicates membership of a particular group. Badges and medals can be awarded or earned. For the sports badge or the different swimming badges, for example, certain predetermined requirements must first be mastered in the form of exams.

If you pass this, you receive the coveted badge as a visible symbol of your achievements. Sometimes, at major sporting events, winners receive their badges and medals on a stage or podium. Clubs or non-profit organizations also usually have their own badge, which serves as an identifying feature or simply as an ornament for the people who belong there.

We also all know badges from the uniforms of police officers or soldiers. Both uniform and badges make us immediately aware that we are not confronting a normal civilian but a person of special rank. Even in the dream world we can see a badge in front of us. But why is this the case and what does it mean for the dreamer?

Dream symbol “badge” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, a badge is also a sign of a certain affiliation. However, it cannot necessarily be deduced from this that the dreamer has a direct connection to this group in reality. Rather, the dream of a badge usually only reveals that the person concerned has the Wish feels like you belong to a very specific community.

Sometimes the appearance of the dream symbol also expresses the desire for something Power and recognition out of. The dreaming person may have received a badge as part of an honor in the dreamed situation. She may have been striving for a sign of appreciation for her work or skills for a long time. In the dream world, this wish is now within reach and promises the waking world that you will actually be with one Reward can count.

However, it is not clear to the dreamer which area of ​​life this recognition refers to. So let yourself be surprised! A badge with an oak leaf symbol, for example for a major, in a dream is often seen in a military context and can then call for more discipline. The badge of a lieutenant or colonel in a dream can also be interpreted in this way.

According to dream researchers, anyone who sees a badge on the clothing of people appearing in a dream will be successful in their careers. Business affairs will also develop positively.

On the other hand, if you tear the badge from your counterpart’s jacket in a dream, you are showing that it is time new ways to hit. The dreamer can no longer identify with traditional role distributions. However, in the real world he has not yet managed to implement this decision in the end. He may now be strengthened in his plans by this dream and any remaining doubts may disappear from him.

Dream symbol “badge” – the psychological interpretation

In psychologically oriented dream interpretation, the dream symbol “badge” often has something to do with the need for confirmation. If you look at badges on other people’s clothing with admiration in the dream world, this can exist Self-doubt bring the dreaming even more clearly into consciousness. The subconscious draws attention to itself and actually forces the dreaming person to deal with their negative attitude towards themselves.

Or maybe you were extremely happy if you were the one who was awarded a badge in the dream. This can mean that you should remind yourself more often of what you achieve in life and that it is important to recognize and value yourself for this.

However, anyone who walks through a crowd covered in badges should think less about themselves and more about their fellow human beings in real life. The strong Need for admiration of the dreaming strains the nerves of his social environment and, in the worst case, can lead to one turning away from him.

Dream symbol “badge” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the badge is a symbolic expression of the dreamer’s wish, Part of the bigger picture to be in the divine sense.

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