cut off – dream interpretation

Many things in life can be cut off – our hair, a piece of sausage or even a limb. The cutting can then trigger both positive and negative feelings in us, and in the worst case even pain. Getting your hair cut at the hairdresser can be a relief for some people. On the other hand, if it happens violently, it is more like mutilation.

When interpreting dreams, all aspects should be taken into account. What was cut off in your dream? Were you an observer or an active participant? Did you feel comfortable or was it uncomfortable for you? All of these questions help interpret your dream.

Dream symbol “cut off” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “cut off” is seen as another in the general dream interpretation Building on what has been achieved interpreted. The dreamer can also hope for an improvement in material terms. In connection with the dream symbol “cutting off” there are a number of dream situations that can be interpreted differently in general dream interpretation.

Cutting off a hanged man in a dream predicts to the dreamer in the waking world that he will continue to be successful in a matter that is important to him in the future. If the dreamer cuts off plants or fruits in his dream, this action is considered in the general dream interpretation Lucky sign interpreted for financial things in waking life.

Cutting your hair in a dream is one of the most common dreams. In relation to the dream symbol “cutting off”, this dream situation means for the dreamer that he has to be prepared for a serious time. He may also face deprivations both materially and emotionally.

Cutting off fabric in a dream usually heralds festivities and beautiful experiences at. If the dreamer cuts off paper while sleeping, he will be deceived by another person in the waking world. Caution is advised here, perhaps it can be prevented.

In general dream interpretation, cutting off a ribbon or twine in a dream represents the long-awaited end of a long process or dispute. If a piece of sausage is cut off in a dream, this dream situation means sad news or sorrow and distress to the dreamer.

If limbs or something similar are cut off in a dream, the general dream interpretation interprets this as the dreamer’s fear of castration in the waking world. Cutting grass with a mower can bring about positive changes. If you cut peonies from a bush in a dream, this can bring luck in love. If marigolds are cut off in a dream, you will usually have a successful time ahead.

Dream symbol “cut off” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the cutting off of body parts in the dream as an indication of Castration fear through incorrect sex education. This is especially the case with children.

Cutting off an object in a dream, such as bread, is supposed to show the dreamer that he will not be successful at a certain thing in the waking world, i.e. that he will literally “not do well”.

If the dreamer sees in his sleep how other people do something, this symbolizes his desire to adopt some of these people’s good qualities. He would like to “learn a lesson”.

Dream symbol “cut off” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, voluntarily cutting off your hair in a dream is seen as one spiritual liberation interpreted by the dreamer. The dreamer leaves old constraints behind with his actions and in this way frees his mind.

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