Bloodletting – dream interpretation

Bloodletting is a medical treatment that dates back to ancient times; The Greek doctor Hippocrates already recommended them. A certain amount of blood is taken from the patient’s vein.

Proponents of bloodletting, which is still carried out by alternative practitioners today, see the method as a way to reduce blood volume, which should lead to the flushing out of toxins and purification of the blood. Bloodletting is also used in conventional medicine for certain diseases. A special method for this is the use of cultured leeches, which suck a certain amount of blood from a patient.

Bloodletting experienced its heyday in the Middle Ages until the early nineteenth century; doctors tried to cure practically every disease with this treatment, often with moderate success.

Bloodletting also plays a role in dream interpretation. As a dream symbol, it provides important information about the situation and the feelings of the dreamer.

Dream symbol “bloodletting” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, blood is generally seen as the proverbial “lifeblood” that symbolizes the strength of people and their ability to live. Therefore, a bloodletting in a dream can often be seen as a Loss be interpreted.

This loss can relate to different areas of the dreamer’s life – he may have financial worries and fears a financial loss. Or he loses someone.

In traditional dream interpretation, bloodletting is seen as a dream symbol as a warning sign of the death of someone who is usually close to you, but it can just as easily be a person separationthe breakup of a friendship or, less dramatically, about one tangible argument act. In any case, the dreamer loses something that is very important to him.

The financial aspect of the dream symbol can also be interpreted positively. If the dreamer is bled in the dream in order to cure an illness or alleviate symptoms of illness, this can represent larger expenses, which will later be of good use to him.

If someone else is being bled or if the dreamer is the doctor himself, the Indian dream interpretation sees one in the bloodletting Advantage for the dreaming – he will receive money or property from others. His fate is under a good star.

Dream symbol “bloodletting” – the psychological interpretation

Nightly dreams often reflect fears or worries that concern the dreamer, even if they are not always aware of them in waking life. If he dreams of a bloodletting, especially if it affects himself, he is afraid of losing something he has loved. The dream symbol can be at Separation anxiety or more constantly It rises about your own living conditions.

The dreamer sees his blood, the most important lifeblood, running away in the dream. If he feels better after the bloodletting or if he heals someone else with it in the dream, the dream symbol can also represent the willingness to care for someone or something to use. To do this, the dreamer must first give something, but will be rewarded later.

Dream symbol “bloodletting” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, bloodletting in the dream represents Willingness to sacrificebut it can also mean that the dreamer is not entirely focused on the matter and is overlooking something because the blood is that consciousness symbolized.

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