Fetishism – dream interpretation

Within ethnology, fetishism represents the belief in magical or supernatural powers that reside in one or certain objects. That’s why they are revered as a kind of sacred object. The power of the fetish can be activated or increased through gifts, idolatry or sacrifices.

In addition, the term “fetishism” describes a sexual tendency in which objects are the only or preferred object of sexual excitement or satisfaction. Examples of this can be shoes, boots, women’s shoes, especially high heels, mascots or even items of clothing such as underwear or lingerie. Even a gas mask can serve as a fetish. In addition, this fetish object can also be a specific body part, possibly your own partner. This sexual desire is often viewed as a perversion.

But what can a dream about fetishism mean? What message can be hidden behind this dream symbol? Does this perhaps reflect a repressed sexual inclination or something completely different?

Dream symbol “fetishism” – the general interpretation

General dream analysis interprets fetishism in dreams as an indication to the dreamer that he or she is exceptionally fond of or devoted to something or someone in the waking world. This unconditional love The dreamer usually gives it voluntarily. However, he should be aware that this could also be exploited or used against him.

The dream image “fetishism” can also illustrate that the sleeping person wants to free themselves from their sexuality in waking life. He would prefer to do without these needs. The reasons for this desire are usually Angst and immaturity. But it can also reflect a lack of sexual performance.

According to general dream interpretation, a sex dream with a fetish can indicate that the dreamer has a strong mind-orientation in the waking world sexuality shows. He would like to break away from this in order to listen more to his feelings. Anyone who gets an erection through a fetish in their dream often longs for spiritual contact in their waking life.

Dream symbol “fetishism” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream image “fetishism” can indicate that the sleeper is in waking life difficulties with being close to other people. This can be both physical and mental. The dreamer longs for a union with other people, but cannot adequately express this need in the waking world.

If a spirit is worshiped in a dream through fetishism and a sacrifice is made to it, the dreamer is shown that he is looking for a lost one part of his self is. You may have previously suppressed certain character traits and now want to get in touch with them again.

If the dream symbol “fetishism” appears in the dream in connection with the dream image of sexuality, the sleeper should, according to the psychological interpretation of the dream, pay more attention to his world of emotions place. The dreamer can also gain information from his dream that allows him to better understand his wishes and desires in waking life.

Dream symbol “fetishism” – the spiritual interpretation

Seen from a spiritual perspective, the symbol “fetishism” symbolizes a powerful one Gabe, in which love and spirituality can unite or be expressed. The dreamer should become aware of this talent in the waking world so that he can use his abilities in a targeted manner.

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