Festival – dream interpretation

The term festival is derived from the Latin “festivus”, which means festive, solemn or cheerful. This translation of the Latin adjective aptly characterizes most of the characteristics of a festival.

A festival is usually an event lasting several days, often in the cultural sector, which is accompanied by a cheerful or festive atmosphere. Festivals can take place in different cultural areas. For example, there are comic festivals or theater festivals, and in the musical field there are choir or jazz festivals.

Dream symbol “festival” – the general interpretation

According to general dream analysis, the dream image “festival” is usually one of the dream symbols with a positive connotation. Because the dreamer is currently in a state of being in the waking world Balance and inner peace. However, this dream symbol can also draw attention to a slightly depressive state and then wants to ask the sleeper to look positively into the future in real life. He should no longer indulge in dark thoughts and instead have positive expectations.

Sometimes a festival in a dream can also reflect the dreamer’s need for more Gesellschaft Clues. He longs for more community experiences in his life.

Anyone who takes part in a festival in their dream often has to prepare for a sorrowful and worry-filled time in their waking life. However, the dreamer will overcome this time successfully through the company of other people.

If you organize a festival yourself in a dream, this is seen as a sign within the general dream interpretation happiness designed. You want to share this mood with others in the waking world or you want to let other people share in it.

An invitation to a dream festival at a fairground refers to one tempting possibility. However, the dreamer should better avoid this, otherwise he will have to live with serious consequences. If you see yourself attending a festival with other people in a dream, you get an indication of your social skills. From the context of the dream it can be seen to what extent these have been developed or whether they still need further development.

Dream symbol “festival” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream analysis, the dream image of the festival primarily symbolizes happy and social meetings with other people. These are an important part of the dreamer’s life. That’s why he should also behave openly and openly towards other people. Only through such behavior will the sleeper be able to develop personally.

A festival as a dream symbol can in some cases also refer to one Transition phase point out in the waking world. The dreamer should face this situation curiously and happily. In order to achieve this, the dreamer may first have to deal with changes in the past. After processing these changes, it can prepare accordingly for future events.

Dream symbol “festival” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “festival” as a request to the dreamer to put aside his seriousness in waking life. He should joyful things in his life.

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