Film – dream interpretation

A film is moving images that were recorded by a corresponding video camera. Edited, additionally set to music and accompanied by music, the films can then be seen in cinemas or on television or are published on YouTube.

The beginnings of film history go back to the end of the 19th century. Film studies and film theory are concerned with the investigation and interpretation of film works up to the present day. And even in the dream world, the dreamer can watch a film or even produce their own film.

Dream symbol “film” – the general interpretation

If the dreamer sees a film in the dream world, then this can indicate both boredom and a lot of boredom Discussionswhich can easily get the dreamer into trouble if he doesn’t think carefully about his words.

If there are other people who are in the film and whom the dreamer knows, then this dream image warns the dreamer Lie and fraud in the waking world. If the dreamer stars in a film, for example as a superhero, then he will make an important acquaintance that will bring him a lot in the future.

If it is the dreamer himself who produces a film, perhaps even in Hollywood, then in waking life he will make good progress with his plans and projects Success have. Depending on who or what plays the main role in this film, the dream interpretation can take a special direction:

So if you dreamed of the action film “Jurassic Park” with dinosaurs, your sleeping experience has a different meaning than, for example, a western film or “Casablanca” with a love story. Ideally, you search for all aspects experienced in the dream individually using our search function at the top right of this page and then consider what the symbols could signal in connection with each other.

Dream symbol “film” – the psychological interpretation

If the dreamer watches a film while sleeping, it means that he is taking a closer look at part of his past or his personality. Until now, the dreamer has usually paid too little attention to this aspect, which is why this dream image appears, which is intended to ensure that the dreamer also pays more attention to these repressed parts. The film symbolizes that the dreamer should see himself more objectively.

Sometimes the dreamer lacks more variety in life or there are too few social contacts that drive the dreamer to watch a film in the dream world. In this case, the dreamer looks at life from a distance without taking part in it.

If the partner of the dreamer is seen in the main role of the film, then this dream image shows that the actual relationship has already been lost in waking life. The dreamer is already in the role of distant observer.

Dream research also interprets the moving film as an attempt by the dreamer to have one different reality to create. This is especially the case when he works as a cameraman or director in the dream world.

Dream symbol “film” – the spiritual interpretation

The film is used in spiritual dream interpretation as a symbol for the Akashic Records or for the Past interpreted.

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