Entrance – dream interpretation

In reality as well as on the dream level, an entrance gives us access to something that lies behind it. This can be, for example, a room, a house, an apartment or even a cave. Even a hidden shopping street, such as in the Harry Potter novels, can be hidden behind it.

In a dream, a fairytale or fable world can perhaps be hidden behind an entrance. Here the possibilities are only limited by your own mind and imagination.

The entrance itself can also be very different. Maybe it’s just a normal door or a large wooden or iron portal. In addition, the entrance can be secured by certain protective mechanisms, such as a grille or modern surveillance cameras.

Entrance - dream interpretation

All of these possibilities should be taken into account when interpreting the dream symbol “entrance”. Further interesting clues for the message of the dream can be derived from the surrounding circumstances.

Dream symbol “entrance” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream image “entrance” has a close connection to the dream symbols “door” and “gate” and can therefore be interpreted in a similar way. The entrance in the dream therefore primarily refers to one phase of transition to something new in life. The dreamer is at the beginning of a new stage of development.

Anyone who stands in front of an entrance or entrance gate in their dream will begin a new chapter in their life in the waking world, perhaps through a new job or a job change in the private sector. If the dreamer looks for a passage or an entrance door while sleeping but cannot find it, he must expect difficulties in waking life.

However, if you find an entrance or an opening behind a curtain in your dream, according to general dream analysis, one will soon appear cheap option open up for those affected. If the dreamer drives up the driveway or driveway to a large house in his dream, he should realize that he wants to move forward in his life and will therefore start something new.

The entrance to a house or apartment as a dream image, which is open and shows the hallway or corridor behind it, can indicate new possibilities in the life of the dreamer. The reception area or reception of a company building while sleeping illustrates the performance of the person concerned in new tasks.

Dream symbol “entrance” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “entrance” symbolizes either a new one Experience for the sleeper or the turn to a new area of ​​experience. But changes will be necessary for this, as only these will enable new opportunities.

A secret entrance in the dream tries to show the dreamer that he has a connection to his intuitive side, which was previously hidden. If the entrance to the house or the entrance gate leads to a narrow room while sleeping, the sleeper should become aware of the limitations that may come with their new phase of life.

If the dreamer is denied entry or access to something while sleeping, this can, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, be due to a lack of access self-consciousness or indicate the real fear of rejection.

If the sleeper, as a groom, carries his bride over the threshold in a dream, he perceives the opportunities offered to him in life as a burden. Because he finds it difficult to decide.

If the dream symbol “entrance” is understood in the sense of an introduction, for example in a book, or a musical opening, such as in a concert, then this dreamed beginning can refer to the hopes of the sleeper for the near future.

Dream symbol “entrance” – the spiritual interpretation

Within the transcendent dream analysis, the symbol “entrance” is used as an expression for the eternal Female viewed. Because the entrance in the dream can symbolize the transition from an external to an internal state.

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