Liberation – dream interpretation

We experience liberation as a great relief and happiness. Sometimes life circumstances limit our freedom. Occasionally other people want to influence or even suppress our free will, then the feeling of freedom is inhibited. When hostages are taken by criminals or terrorists, special commandos are deployed to free the prisoners. Exoneration can also constitute a criminal offense in itself, for example if prisoners are helped to escape from prison.

In other liberation actions, such as the liberation of the surviving Jews in concentration camps such as Auschwitz, the focus is on positive action.

Liberation - dream interpretation

May 8, 1945 is celebrated annually in Germany, the Netherlands and other European countries as a day of remembrance: as “Liberation Day”, on which the German Wehrmacht unconditionally surrendered to the Allies and the Second World War could thus be ended.

If someone dreams of being liberated, they may receive help from others. Freeing yourself from something probably takes a lot of energy. It plays a central role in dream interpretation whether the dreamer is freed or whether he frees another person.

An adventurer is someone who seeks exciting challenges. He often takes great risks and pushes his physical and mental limits. Many adventurers have set milestones in history: Roald Amundsen, who was the first person to reach the South Pole in 1911, or Neil Armstrong, who set foot on the moon in 1967. Adventurers fascinate us in films as well as in novels and modern soldiers of fortune are also admired. So-called adventure holidays away from our civilized world are very popular.

Dream symbol “liberation” – the general interpretation

In popular dream interpretation, the dream symbol “liberation” is seen as an invitation to great things Efforts to understand in order to prevent future problems. If the dream frees itself from the worries that are currently occupying it, the dream is a warning. He shouldn’t rejoice too soon, the difficulties might catch up with him again.

If the sleeping person carries a heavy burden in real life, a special responsibility, for example, or a feeling of guilt, the dream symbol “liberation” symbolizes a big one Relief. A weight literally falls off the dreamer’s heart. According to traditional dream interpretation, if one is freed from physical pain in a dream, this promises joy in life.

It also happens that someone dreams of helping to free another person, for example from captivity. According to dream analysis, the dream image can be interpreted positively in this case. The dreamer will new friends find, possibly fall in love or achieve particular success in a professional sense.

The dream symbol “liberation” often expresses the desire for independence. In reality, the sleeping person probably suffers from fellow human beings or external circumstances that make him or her feel oppressed. According to the general interpretation of dreams, the dream of liberation expresses the desire to fight one’s way out of an excess of problems.

Dream symbol “liberation” – the psychological interpretation

On the level of psychological dream interpretation, the dream symbol “liberation” symbolizes the restoration of the mental freedom. Inner conflicts and inhibitions burden the dreamer. With the act of liberation in the dream, he brings his problems under control, can, for example, remove creative blockages and become happy and content again.

According to dream analysis, a dream of one’s own liberation is often synonymous with the desire for a fear-free life. The fear of failing or possibly not being able to handle your own freedom is restrictive and oppressive. The dream symbol is a figurative expression for stepping out of the confines of your own Angstgefühle into the breadth of personal possibilities.

With the dream image of “liberation”, the subconscious asks the sleeper to deal with his needs and wishes. Maybe he has a new one Passion discovered for themselves and not yet consciously acknowledged this.

According to the understanding of psychological dream interpretation, the dream also often announces this End a relationship in which the partner is in control.

Dream symbol “liberation” – the spiritual interpretation

A liberation is embodied in the spiritual interpretation of dreams salvation the soul. The dream symbol can refer to one’s own soul or to that of others, to that of the living as well as that of the dead. The dreamer should use his mind for new influences and open insights.

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