Bamboo – dream interpretation

Bamboo is a grass and covers more than a fifth of the earth’s land area. The homeland of this plant is Asia, mainly China and India. Bamboo is a valuable raw material for the population there because it grows quickly and can be used in a variety of ways, and the panda bear, which is threatened with extinction, also loves the plant.

The tubular stems grow up to 10 meters high. Because they become woody, they are suitable for making furniture and as a building material for houses. These can also be used to make canes or musical instruments such as the xylophone.

The young, soft plants are used to produce fibers for textiles or bamboo milk for cosmetic products. The sprouts are an important part of Asian cuisine. Decorative bamboo is increasingly being seen as an ornamental grass in German gardens.

If someone dreams of bamboo, they may enjoy exotic plants. However, you can also get lost in a bamboo forest. The details of the dream content are therefore important for dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “bamboo” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “bamboo” draws the sleeper’s attention to the fact that his… flexibility can be a strength. Adapting to external circumstances is not necessarily a sign of weakness or lack of self-confidence. According to dream analysis, the dream image is an indication that in some situations it is wise and appropriate to give in.

According to the general interpretation of dreams, the bamboo in the dream represents coolness calculation and consideration. The dream symbol shows that the dreamer seems to bow in some situations. However, he waits for an opportunity to change the circumstances in his sense.

Another aspect of traditional dream analysis is rapidity growth of the bamboo. The dream image confronts the dreaming with the question in which areas of life he wants to develop. It may have already been shot beyond the target. The dream then calls for a break.

Finally, the dream symbol “bamboo” also embodies the versatility of life. According to dream interpretation, the image of the diverse plant symbolizes the various ways to develop and develop. Perhaps the sleeping person should check which new paths are still open to him at work or in private terms.

Dream symbol “bamboo” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream analysis, the dream symbol “bamboo” is a symbol for the opposite Character traits the sleeping person. The plant looks very graceful due to its shape, but is still extremely robust and also defies strong storms. The dream shows that in the wind you can fluctuate social requirements and still be steadfast.

Applied to the dreamer’s personality, the dream image expresses an inner strength that is expressed in apparent compliance. He reacts to social pressure with adaptation. At the next opportunity, he can take his original attitude again without having taken any damage. According to the dream interpretation, the bamboo places one Survival strategy but.

However, the dreamer should make sure not to bend on every opportunity. In the dream analysis, the dream symbol “Bambus” is also one warningnot to give up or deny your own principles and values ​​without compelling necessity. Otherwise, the mental equilibrium could become unbalanced due to fickleness.

The highly final bamboo tube is also considered male within the psychological interpretation Sexualsymbol. The emotions in dreams are of crucial importance in this context. If the dreamer has the feeling that he can no longer find his way out of a bamboo jungle, the dream symbol is an indication of unconscious fears. The sleeping person fears being overwhelmed by their own urges.

Dream symbol “bamboo” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the understanding of spiritual dream interpretation, the bamboo, as a gift of nature, represents the cycle of growth and decay in the dream. At the same time, the dream symbol is a symbol for the life force of the dreamer, which is based on an ideal mix of flexibility and durability.

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