Eczema – dream interpretation

When the doctor speaks of eczema, he means an inflammatory change on the surface of the skin. This often manifests itself as unpleasant itching, redness of the skin and blistering. If eczema becomes chronic, the skin becomes dry, flaky and sometimes even cracked and rough.

Eczema is one of the most common skin diseases and, depending on the severity, can be very unpleasant for the patient. The causes of this skin disease are very different and sometimes cannot be clearly explained. So-called contact eczema, which can occur when you come into contact with external factors, such as chemicals or food, if you have an allergic reaction to them, is common. In the case of endogenous, i.e. internally triggered eczema, there is a genetic predisposition. One of the most well-known endogenous eczema is neurodermatitis, which is also called “atopic eczema”.

Skin diseases of this type can usually be treated by the patient themselves, for example with ointments or compresses. A stay in the hospital is usually not necessary; instead, your family doctor or dermatologist will prescribe the appropriate tinctures.

Eczema can also plague us in the dream world. We will explain to you below how this dream image is interpreted by dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “eczema” – the general interpretation

If you dream of eczema, it may be caused by an actual skin disease, which, however, has no deeper meaning on a dream level. This simply shows that we are preoccupied with what is happening on our own skin and this may have a significant impact on our waking life.

Furthermore, the general dream interpretation sees the dream symbol “eczema” as an indication to the dreamer that now the right time has come to put planned projects or old plans into action.

However, this only applies if the eczema is seen on another person. And here too, despite the positive outlook, careful action is necessary, because you will only be successful if you approach the implementation of your plans with consistency and effort, demonstrate patience and not rush forward too quickly with blind zeal.

Dream symbol “eczema” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream image “eczema” testifies to the dreaming person’s feeling of not being of sufficient value. Especially if the eczema affects your own body, it itches and you scratch, this shows that you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin and would like to get rid of it.

Just as the skin is irritated by eczema, it also hides it Irritability also inside the dreamer. He may also distance himself from those around him because he feels like he doesn’t belong or doesn’t fit into society.

What made the skin or him so irritated and upset? Was it reckless behavior on the part of an outsider or did you treat yourself with little care and consideration and ignored signs of your body and soul?

Explore these questions and perhaps you will recognize one or two actual connections between the dream world and real everyday life.

Dream symbol “eczema” – the spiritual interpretation

If you dream of eczema, this dream symbol symbolizes a disorder in the spiritual interpretation of dreams Defense mechanismswhich exposes one to cross-border actions.

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