Fairy – dream interpretation

Fairies are mythical creatures that have their origins primarily in old Celtic or Roman folk tales and were endowed with supernatural powers in these tales. The name fairy was derived from the Fata, the Roman goddesses of fate.

Depending on the type of fairy, they can appear in very different forms in legends. For example, goddesses of fate usually travel in groups of three or, in rare cases, seven or twelve. They are at home in rocky gorges and can make themselves invisible as a special gift. In Celtic mythology, elemental spirits predominated, living in the great outdoors and especially near bodies of water and springs, in rock grottos and generally in the forests.

Nowadays, fairies are mostly associated with fairy tales and television films or series. There are often good fairies here who can fulfill wishes, just as the hero of the story sometimes has to fight against an evil fairy.

Fairies can also appear in dreams as supernatural beings, although their appearance can be very different. While a child might dream of a fairy rather than a princess with a magic wand, another person’s dream could potentially feature some kind of nature spirit.

Dream symbol “fairy” – the general interpretation

The fairy as a dream image is in most cases interpreted positively as a hopeful sign. This is especially true if a fairy godmother appears in a dream. Such a good fairy could, for example, help the dreamer in his dream in a difficult situation and protect him from danger. The evil fairy, on the other hand, often takes the form of a witch. In some cases she looks exactly like a good fairy, but refuses to help the dreamer despite a difficult situation.

With reference to fairy tales, the fairy symbolizes a dream image Hyphae and Support, which the dreamer receives from something or someone that does not come from our world, but from a better world. You probably know from fairy tales the situation where a fairy godmother tells someone three wishes guaranteed, which means she can turn even hopeless situations into something good.

A dream about a fairy sometimes occurs when the dreamer feels they are in such a hopeless situation and urgently needs supernatural help. If you are allowed to wish for something in your dream, then your wishes could possibly be an indication of how you can address your problem while awake.

A fairy is often used in dream interpretation as a symbol of one motherly woman seen, which conveys maternal security and cares for and protects others. So the dream of a fairy could give you this security or embody your longing for such warmth.

Dream symbol “fairy” – the psychological interpretation

Fairies usually represent dream symbols elemental energies So if you dream of fairies or elves, this dream may indicate how good your connection is to such elemental forces within you. It may only be through the dream that you recognize some elementary aspects of your personality, which often include very positive characteristics.

In addition, fairies are also associated with freedom-loving ones in dream interpretation personality parts connected, which cannot be restricted or locked up. So dreaming of a fairy could indicate to you that some parts of your personality desperately want to be free and spontaneous.

Another possible interpretation of the dream image is to see the fairy as a sign of the desire for a romantic one love relationship to be seen when dreaming. The fairy may then be part of your dream to show you this wish or – at least in the dream – to fulfill it.

If a man dreams of a fairy, then he may want his wife or girlfriend to be more beautiful and fairy-like. Or his dream represents his feminine aspects, the so-called Anima. In a woman’s dream, the fairy represents the dreamer’s self, which perhaps needs to be strengthened and polished a little.

Dream symbol “fairy” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, a fairy in a dream can be associated with access to a world of extrasensory perception get connected.

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