Hit and run – dream interpretation

If you are involved in a traffic accident, you have the obligation to remain at the scene of the accident until the facts have been documented either with the other party or with the police.

Particularly after minor collisions with parked cars, many drivers move away and become guilty of hit-and-runs. But even if there is no visible damage, you have to wait a reasonable amount of time for the owner of the vehicle. If necessary, the person who caused the accident must inform the police. Hit and run can be punished with a fine or even up to three years in prison.

If someone dreams that they or another person commits a hit-and-run after a car accident, they may have actually experienced a similar situation recently. Maybe the sleeper’s car was damaged and he was annoyed that the person who caused it didn’t take responsibility for it. When interpreting dreams, various aspects of this dream symbol must be taken into account.

Very often, dreamers experience a situation in their sleep in which an accident plays a role in the hit-and-run. First read the most important aspects of interpretation:

Dream symbol “hit and run” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The dreamer is the one who commits a hit-and-run

If you experience a hit-and-run accident in your dream world, this can show the dreamer that he tends to avoid difficult situations or conflicts. This is especially the case if he is the person fleeing after a motorcycle accident he caused. The dreamer is a person who likes harmony. But sometimes dealing with problems is necessary and healthy!

Stopped! Another person commits a hit-and-run in a dream

However, the opposite can also be the case in a dream, namely that the dreamer has become the victim of a hit-and-run. This dream situation can show that the dreamer feels hurt and abandoned by another person in reality. However, individual personal circumstances must be taken into account here! Were you able to recognize the fugitive’s face?

Dream symbol “hit and run” – the general interpretation

In dream analysis, driving a car safely without hitting anyone indicates that the dreamer has everyday things firmly in his hands. It is important to him to decide for himself how he wants to achieve which goals in his life. The dream symbol “hit and run” shows that he has one in this regard Setback suffers. Certain plans and wishes cannot be fulfilled due to unforeseen events. The dreaming person reacts by driving away.

Escaping from the scene of an accident in a dream is a signal of the need to escape difficulties when things don’t go as desired. According to the dream interpretation, in the dream image Angst express before the future. The dreamer probably perceives a streak of bad luck as a personal shortcoming that he would like to run away from. However, the dream encourages him to confidently get through private or professional crises.

According to dream interpretation, an accident can also be understood as a warning of danger. In this context, the dream symbol “hit-and-run” denounces careless behavior which can have unpleasant consequences. In the dream image of an accident, the sleeper realizes that he often reacts inappropriately in everyday life. However, he does not want to acknowledge the problems that arise from this.

According to dream analysis, the dream image is a request to own up to your own mistakes and accept the consequences. As a dream symbol, the hit-and-run may draw attention to specific misconduct in the partnership or with colleagues, which can lead to disagreements.

Dream symbol “hit and run” – the psychological interpretation

According to the understanding of psychological dream interpretation, a car ride represents personal drive and the Life energy If someone commits a hit-and-run in a dream, they often have the feeling in real life that they are causing conflicts with their behavior or their personal attitude. The dreamer wants to escape these difficulties and therefore represses them. However, the dream symbol makes him aware of his fears of failure on a social level.

In addition, the cause of an accident can also be carelessness and inattention. The dream symbol “hit and run” is a reminder to be more careful and Sense of responsibility. According to dream analysis, the dream can also reflect very specific psychological stresses.

A restrictive relationship, for example, or a job that does not correspond to one’s personal inclinations can result in the sleeper committing a hit-and-run in a dream. He should find out what threatens his individual freedom.

Dream symbol “hit and run” – the spiritual interpretation

On a spiritual level, a car symbolizes the motivation to mental development. At the same time, it shows the direction in which the dreamer is striving. According to dream interpretation, an accident is a disruption in this process that occurs as a result of the intervention of a higher power. The dream symbol “hit-and-run” shows that the dreamer is afraid of authority don’t bend and instead wants to continue on his own spiritual path.

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