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Today there are many means of transport that we can use to get around: the car, the bus, the subway or S-Bahn, the train and the bicycle are just a few examples. With these means of transport we can get to a destination faster and possibly more comfortably. By driving or cycling we save time and energy that we can use for other important things in life. With an environmentally friendly tricycle or cargo bike, you can even transport goods quickly from A to B within the city.

However, in order to use motorized vehicles, you need a driving license, a driver’s license, if you want to be behind the wheel yourself. The driving instructor then shows his student all the necessary steps and rules that must be observed on the vehicle and in traffic. By the way, this not only applies to cars etc., but also to watercraft such as sailing boats, motorboats and jet skis.

There is always a danger associated with driving: traffic accidents can happen in which people are injured or even killed. These often occur due to inexperience or carelessness in certain situations, such as missing a red light. Nevertheless, today it is unimaginable to have to do without this type of transport.

Driving also plays a role in dream interpretation: many people dream of driving or being driven at night. What can these dreams mean and what does the dream symbol stand for?

Dream symbol “drive” – ​​the general interpretation

Basically, driving in a dream symbolizes your own Move forward in life. The dreamer would like to realign his life according to what he sees as “better” values. He wants a change and hopes that it will make him feel more balanced.

Nevertheless, when interpreting the dream symbol, it is important to take into account which means of transport the dream sees itself driving off with: Is it in a car? On the bike? On a train or on a ship? Or maybe you drove an old car with a fire engine? A rather unusual dream vehicle is a crawler tractor – but you can dream of that too.

According to the general interpretation, driving in a car often represents Energy and independence, riding a bicycle, roller skates or a skateboard, on the other hand, represents the dreamer’s wish to achieve a goal on his own initiative and without outside help. He wants to use his own power propulsion and move around without help.

Anyone who drives but suddenly can no longer brake is in danger of losing control in reality: a matter slips out of the dreamer’s hands. If you, as a child, ride on a playground equipment such as the bobby car in your dream, you should usually be aware of the opportunities it offers.

Cruising on a ship in a dream is often meant to warn against acting rashly and without preparation, while it is usually a warning symbolized when you see yourself leaving on a train or traveling around: Despite the coming changes in your life, the dreamer should not forget his social environment and maintain his personal contacts.

If we rush, dash or rush away in a dream, this can also be an indication that we feel stressed in our waking life and can no longer keep up with many tasks. However, if we sneak or chug along slowly, this indicates a more relaxed attitude to life. Slowly approaching a toll booth can indicate a temporary halt in life’s journey.

If you drive a tractor with a mowing machine in a dream, this can bring positive changes to the waking world. The dreamer himself will strive for this.

Dream symbol “drive” – ​​the psychological interpretation

Even according to the psychological interpretation of the dream symbol, driving represents something you strive for change: The dreamer wants to develop further in his real life. In addition, driving backwards in the dream is of great importance: In this way, the subconscious shows the dreamer that he should not forget his roots and should always remember where he comes from.

This may also include a warning own behavior to be adult and not to fall into childish patterns. Anyone who sees themselves driving backwards in a dream should also see this as a request from their subconscious to rethink certain, previously little-noticed aspects of an aspect in real life and to deal with them.

Dream symbol “drive” – ​​the spiritual interpretation

According to this interpretation, driving in a dream is often meant to symbolize spiritual direction. The dreamer recognizes his own Spiritual Motivation and can align his life accordingly in the future.

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