Herd – dream interpretation

A herd is a group of animals of a species living on one level, especially mammals and larger ratites. The members are referred to as herd animals. There is usually a ranking that is determined by the age and strength of each individual animal. The alpha animal is the determiner and highest ranking in a herd, the omega animal is the weakest, last link in the chain.

Did you see a herd of sheep or cattle in a dream? Maybe a herd of yaks or llamas? What does this dream symbol want to tell you? Revisit your dream and pay attention to the details. These are also important for an accurate dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “herd” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “herd” symbolizes the Longing of the dreamer, to fit into a group and belong. He wants to compare his goals and lifestyles with other people.

If the dreamer sees a herd of cattle in the dream, according to the general dream interpretation, this symbolizes happiness and comfort for the waking world. A lean or undernourished herd symbolized in a dream Illness for the dreamer, but possibly also for someone close to him. If the dreamer feels that he belongs to a group in the waking world, the dream symbol can also explicitly refer to the other group members in this context.

Herding a herd in a dream indicates to the dreamer that he is in the waking world thrift should be exercised. If one of the animals wants to break out of the herd in a dream while being herded, this can give the dreaming a hint that in waking life he would like to break out of his rut ​​and assert his own, individual ideas.

If the dreamer carelessly wanders into a herd while sleeping, the general dream interpretation warns him through this dream situation to be careful of rash actions. He should think very carefully in the near future and, if possible, consider all the consequences in advance before tackling things.

Dream symbol “herd” – the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “herd” is interpreted in psychological dream interpretation as a unified group in which each member should be important and adapted, but at the same time unique. For the dreamer, this means that although he likes to be part of a community, he wants his own individuality don’t lose or give up.

From a professional perspective, this interpretation means that the dreamer can work and act excellently in a team. However, if a decision has to be made quickly under time pressure, he can also do it alone.

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, a herd of animals in a dream can also be understood as a warning to the dreamer not to adapt uncritically to popular opinion. Because if he were to do that, he would not be able to realize himself individually. In addition, the dream symbol can in this context Personality parts symbolize that are controlled by the mind.

If the dreamer sees himself bleating with a herd in a dream, the dream symbol symbolizes that he fits well and happily into a group. He doesn’t place too much emphasis on his unique abilities and is also good at being subordinate.

If, on the other hand, the dreamer drives the herd in front of him in the dream, according to the psychological interpretation of the dream, he should become aware that he likes to do so in the waking world Responsibility pushes things away or gives them to others. He should ask himself why this is the case and whether he would like to change this behavior.

Dream symbol “herd” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the herd in the dream symbolizes the spiritual part within the religious views of the dreamer. The right way is to trust in your own abilities and ideas.

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