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Filming or film production as such is a creative process that is divided into many different areas of responsibility. Project development and pre-production begin before the actual shooting and filming can begin. At least that’s what happens when professional films are made.

When we film in everyday life, this usually happens without this much effort. Thanks to super-small and easy-to-use digital cameras, cell phones, etc., almost anyone can now become a filmmaker and easily capture situations and events for the future or even publish them on YouTube.

But what does dream interpretation look like if you become the director of your dreams?

Dream symbol “filming” – the general interpretation

If the dreamer films himself, this promises according to general dream interpretation Success in all his planned projects and good progress for future projects.

If you play a role in the film plot, this symbolizes that the dreamer may be living in established patterns in the waking world and here too only play a role that no longer does justice to his true nature. The dream interpretation interprets this as a clear indication of the longing for change.

You can film yourself and also act in the film acquaintance by influential people and can definitely be seen as a positive symbol.

It is said that if you see other familiar faces taking part in the plot during the filming Caution from liars and false friends. If you shoot a Hollywood film in your sleep, this can usually reflect your longing for something unattainable. An action film symbolizes an imminent change in the dreamer’s life, while a love film warns of romantic feelings in reality that are not real.

Dream symbol “filming” – the psychological interpretation

Taking on the role of cameraman in a dream, i.e. filming yourself, can also represent the desire from the perspective of psychological dream interpretation change of the current social life situation and living environment.

Here it is of great importance for the exact interpretation of the dream what the film plot looked like, because here the dreamer’s attempt to free himself from his own real world can become clear because he may find it restrictive.

If the dreamer films his own partner in the dream, this can serve as an indication that he may already have a certain level in his relationship distance and the dream reflects exactly this to him. Has he already left the actual event and only functions as an observer, or does he feel the desire to still actively participate in the event and, so to speak, get back into the film?

The person affected should feel exactly how the dream felt, because these aspects are very important in the precise interpretation of the dream.

Dream symbol “filming” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation sees the dream symbol “filming” as well as the film as a symbol of Akasha-Chronik. The Akashic Records represent, so to speak, a spiritual data store in which all events and previous lives are stored.

Anyone who has ever dealt with regressions may have come across the term Akashic Records. Here you can look back on past lives and events. Just like in a film you look back, so to speak, and thus on the topic “Vergangen­heit” meets.

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