Train station – dream interpretation

There is always something going on at a train station: trains arrive under the supervision of the station master (at least this job used to exist), travelers get on or off with their luggage and trains leave the station again. A lot can happen in this busy place.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why the train station is often the setting in the dream world. The dreamer’s experiences in the train station should therefore be taken into account in detail when interpreting the dream. There are usually a lot of meaningful clues hidden here.

Dream symbol “train station” – the general interpretation

A train station in the dream world is often interpreted as an indication of something new or a change. This can be a surprising one Visit action, new plans or the beginning of the next phase of life. An important decision that has just been made is sometimes symbolized by the dreamed train station.

If the dream wants to go to the train station, but the entrances are blocked, then this indicates Obstacles and difficulties in waking life that still need to be eliminated so that something can change in the life of the dreamer. If the dreamer is in the train station and strolls up and down, then he will soon become one important message receive.

If the dreamer sees himself arriving at a train station in his sleep, then this dream image is confirmation that the person he has just met Decision was exactly right. If the dream leaves a train station, then important matters await him that need to be taken care of urgently.

If the dream is in an empty train station, then one will show up here warning and a reminder to be extremely careful. If the train station is full of people in the dream, then there will be a slowdown in business matters.

If the dreamed train station is currently being rebuilt or if the dreamer is having difficulty finding his or her train, then there is still a certain project to be undertaken Doubt afflicted. If the dreamer misses his turn, then he has also missed a good chance.

The sight of a hitchhiker at a train station can usually indicate that you are… Goals want to achieve in life, but have not yet been prepared to commit to something. If you dream of the train station from the Harry Potter novels, and perhaps even recognize the famous “Platform 9 3/4”, this can often represent your wish adventure show.

Dream symbol “train station” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the train station is a symbol of activity in Life interpreted. The train station is particularly a symbol of one Change in Life of the dreamer who is taken to new destinations by the train. If the dreamer is reluctant to enter the train station or is late, then he is also not very confident in waking life. He also lacks determination and self-confidence and is too attached to the past.

If the dreamer says goodbye in a train station, this dream image often heralds something separation from a person in the waking world. This separation usually results in a new orientation in life.

Often the dreamed train station heralds an important decision. The hustle and bustle in the train station should remind the dreamer to always act on his own inner Agree to listen and not let others influence you.

Dream symbol “train station” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the train station is a symbol of one Change in life interpreted by the dreamer.

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