Taking hostages – dream interpretation

We often hear about hostage takings from the news on television or radio. The hostage taker usually barricades himself in with his hostages. He makes demands and threatens to murder the captured person(s) if they are not met. Classically, this is blackmail for ransom.

In some cases, the police and the special task force manage to negotiate with the hostage taker and get him to give up and thus release his hostages. If a peaceful solution is not possible, the hostage will be freed by force. However, in many cases this results in the death of the hostage taker.

Dreaming about being taken hostage can cause a lot of confusion when you wake up. However, before you worry too much about the meaning of this dream symbol, you should read the following possible interpretations carefully. Dream interpretation helps to shed a little light on your dream.

Dream symbol “taking hostages” – the general interpretation

Dreaming about being taken hostage is certainly not one of the most beautiful dream situations.

If the dream itself is the hostage that is being held by another person against their will, this can indicate that in the waking world you may be in your own Freedom Feels restricted and, on the other hand, also likes to quickly become a victim of the circumstances. The dreamer likes to let others make decisions for him. On the other hand, however, he often has the feeling that he is ignored and not heard when it comes to important questions.

A hostage-taking in a dream can also raise the question in which Relationships there are difficulties in the dreaming person’s life. In a relationship, things can quickly become too close and too narrow, so that you feel restricted and suffocated.

Also Possessiveness or jealousy are aspects that can be expressed through a dreamed hostage situation and give the dreaming person the feeling of being a prisoner in their own relationship.

In order to find the right interpretation, you should definitely take your personal circumstances into account and not immediately attack your partner with accusations.

Dream symbol “taking hostages” – the psychological interpretation

It can also happen that you yourself are the hostage-taker in the dream and another person is our prisoner. In this case, in waking life you tend to use violence or defiance own interests to enforce.

This dream situation can be ruthless and ruthless to the dreamer selfish Behave make clear. He puts his own wishes and needs first and tries to satisfy them by all means possible. Even if this means that his behavior harms other people and limits their ability to act.

If you observe other people being taken hostage during the dream, from the perspective of psychological dream interpreters, this may be an attempt by the subconscious to not be able or unwilling to fully express individual characteristics.

Every person has aspects that they dislike and are therefore reluctant to reveal. However, whether these parts are actually “destructive” or are simply subjectively viewed as unpleasant is something the dreamer should and can only find out for themselves.

Dream symbol “taking hostages” – the spiritual interpretation

On a transcendent level, the dream image “taking hostages” is a symbol of circumcision and constriction of free will.

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