light blue – dream interpretation

Colors not only often play an important role in our dreams, they also always have a high level of significance. According to dream interpretation, the different tones, shades and color combinations always reveal a lot about us as dreamers and about our lives. This also applies to the color light blue.

While dark shades of blue in dreams often refer to a psychological disorder, stress and a depressive mood, light blue has a very independent meaning that differs greatly from the symbolism of classic blue.

But how exactly do you interpret the dream image “light blue”? What does it mean when this color appears in the dreamed situation? What concrete conclusions does this allow us to draw about our lives?

Dream symbol “light blue” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the image “light blue” is considered an extremely auspicious symbol.

In this area of ​​dream analysis it is assumed that the color light blue in the dream fulfillment who announces one’s own wishes. The sleeper feels satisfaction in life. This applies to both the professional and private environment. The dream symbol shows that the dreamer can successfully complete business transactions and maintain harmonious relationships in the social sphere of life.

In addition, the dream symbol “light blue” also stands for in traditional dream interpretation adaptability and the ability to integrate easily into group structures. The person affected has their emotions under control and treats those around them leniently, sensitively and with gentleness.

According to general dream analysis, anyone who dreams of looking at a light blue sky can look forward to a time beyond that without having to worry and problems rejoice. The dreamer is currently spared from difficulties.

Caution is only sometimes advised in cases in which light blue watercolors are seen or light blue watercolors are used for painting in a dream: the dream symbol can then occur instability and warn about unsafe businesses. One should stay out of risky matters.

Dream symbol “light blue” – the psychological interpretation

Even according to the psychological approach of dream analysis, the symbol “light blue” basically promises positive things. The image stands for clarity, resolution and intellectual superiority. Dreaming can easily solve problems constructively.

Psychoanalysts assume that the dream image is “light blue” in some cases but also slowly Development of feelings in a particular matter or relationship. Exactly which direction the emotions will take remains to be seen.

Occasionally, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, these are also questions of faith and religiousness. The dreamer may be dealing a lot with Christian beliefs at the moment. He explores how he feels about religion internally.

Dream symbol “light blue” – the spiritual interpretation

For spiritual dream interpretation, the color light blue is one of the most important and significant symbols of all. She is a symbol of spirituality.

In addition, light blue represents a color of the sky Connection to God her.

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