Walking stick – dream interpretation

In earlier times, walking sticks were part of a gentleman’s good appearance. Often the walking stick even had an additional use. For example, it is said that the thinker Thomas Hobbes always had his stick with him because the pommel contained an inkwell and a quill with which he could write down his thoughts. Nowadays, however, the elegant walking stick has disappeared from our everyday lives.

Walking sticks are now mostly found as walking aids, hiking sticks or as a substitute for crutches; they are rarely used as a cane. These sticks are made from very different materials. For example, these can be made from stainless steel or even bamboo. The material can also play a role in dream interpretation and provides further aspects.

In addition, a cane can appear in connection with different people during sleep. For example, we can see it in the hand of our uncle, father or even our own partner. The interpretations of these dream symbols should also be used for an extended dream analysis.

Dream symbol “walking stick” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the walking stick as a dream symbol primarily aims to draw the dreamer’s attention to the fact that he is dealing with a certain matter in the waking world Help needed. He should ask about this and not hold back. This interpretation should be used especially if the sleeper leans on a cane or walking stick in his dream.

The general dream interpretation also interprets the dream symbol “walking stick” as an indication to check contracts thoroughly. If these are entered into without careful checking, this can result in major disadvantages for those affected.

Anyone who uses a handstick in a dream will soon receive advice and advice assistance be dependent on other people. Hiding a walking stick in a dream, for example in the attic, is often seen as a sign of shame. The dreamer feels uncomfortable in waking life as he will need help.

If a doctor prescribes a cane or a crutch to the sleeping person in his dream, possibly following an operation, this can mean: Longing show for assistance. The dreamer himself has not yet openly admitted this need; he can only admit this to himself through the influence of another person.

Being beaten or even murdered with a walking stick as a dream image generally symbolizes that you will soon be taught a lesson – regardless of whether it is deserved or undeserved.

Dream symbol “walking stick” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the symbol “walking stick” is often viewed as a phallic symbol. This dream image refers to the sexual desires and needs of the sleeper. The walking staff or walking stick in sleep is understood as a symbol of the “journeys” that the dreamer has to undertake in his life for spiritual development.

According to psychological dream analysis, if you are chased in a dream by a dark figure with a stick that makes loud noises, this can be seen as a request be understood to deal more with one’s repressed or unaccepted feelings.

Anyone who sees other people with walking aids in a dream should be aware that in the past they have cared too much about others and have not considered their own progress.

Killing people with an invalid cane in a dream wants the sleeper from his own aggressions warn in waking life. He shouldn’t just give in to them, but rather control them better.

If you press a bell with a cane while you sleep, you should become aware that you need the help of others when making changes in your life. A shepherd’s crook, which is used as a walking aid in a dream, usually illustrates successful times.

Dream symbol “walking stick” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation sees the symbol of the walking stick as a sign of one spiritual authority. With the help of this, the dreamer will be able to progress further on his development path.

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