Gemstone – dream interpretation

Gemstones are often the focal point of a piece of jewelry. In our society, they often signal wealth and financial independence, because not everyone has enough money to buy a gemstone such as an opal, an emerald, a red ruby, a lemon-yellow citrine, an amber, a pretty rose quartz, a carnelian, etc Buy topaz, jasper, amethyst, black onyx or aquamarine.

People who wear these and show them to the outside world usually want to be perceived and recognized as wealthy. Occasionally they are even accused of being superficial and arrogant. In addition, owning gemstones can make other people jealous.

But gemstones can also play a role in our dreams. Occasionally people dream of finding, owning, losing, or selling one. How these dreams are interpreted depends largely on the specific situation in the dream and the type of gemstone. It is therefore advisable to make some notes about the dream as soon as you wake up. This way it can be interpreted more precisely later.

Dream symbol “gemstone” – the general interpretation

According to the general interpretation of dreams, gemstones always represent Parts of the personality of the dreamer, that is, they can fundamentally symbolize certain character traits, values, emotions or attitudes.

What exactly is referred to by the gemstone in the dream usually depends on the situation in life and the situation. The dreamer may consider his own authenticity, his confidence or his reliability to be particularly important Characteristic. This finds expression in dreams through the gemstone. However, it is also possible that the person affected simply longs for these values ​​or wishes they could show them more to the outside world.

The nature of the gemstone is also important for the general interpretation of the dream symbol: If it is a very bright, clear stone, this further emphasizes positive aspects. However, if the stone is rather dark or has inclusions, scratches or cracks, this should be viewed negatively. The dreamer runs the risk of being deceived by a (close) person or one good friend to lose.

In addition, various dream situations in which gemstones play a role can be interpreted as follows:

  • Looking for gemstones: trying to find a (particularly useful) personality trait
  • Counting gemstones or estimating their value: time is needed to think about something
  • Seeing and buying a gemstone: Warning not to give in to a momentous temptation
  • Selling gemstones: financial success
  • Losing a gemstone: Warning of damage to your reputation
  • to wear a gemstone on a piece of jewelry, for example on a tiara: too much pride; Vanity.

Dream symbol “gemstone” – the psychological interpretation

Even according to the psychological interpretation, a gemstone can be one certain value symbolize the dreaming.

In addition, some psychoanalysts also assume that the dream symbol represents one superficiality of the person concerned can stand. He places too much emphasis on external characteristics and may fail to recognize the true value of a person or thing.

The dream should therefore be seen as a warning not to evaluate situations and things too quickly, but also to strive for deeper knowledge.

Dream symbol “gemstone” – the spiritual interpretation

According to this interpretation, gemstones symbolize in dreams personal development of the dreamer. He may gain new insights and change positively in this way.

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