Kingfisher – dream interpretation

What is particularly striking about a kingfisher is its colorful, iridescent plumage. Depending on the incidence of light, it appears cobalt blue to turquoise. This plumage also makes the kingfisher so distinctive.

This bird species can be found in many parts of Europe and even in some areas of Asia and North Africa. It can be found wherever there is open freshwater with small fish. He also likes to eat aquatic insects and tadpoles.

The kingfisher also usually has an aura of something special about it, which may also be due to its striking plumage. The question therefore arises as to what message this “special” bird brings with it in dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “kingfisher” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream of a kingfisher primarily illustrates the authority of the dreamer. Because he has so much respect in the waking world that he no longer has to ask other people’s permission for his actions or decisions.

At the same time, this dream image also contains one warning to the sleeping person. He should use this power in the waking world responsibly and thoughtfully. Because even if he is an expert who does not necessarily have to listen to others, he still bears responsibility for his actions.

The general dream interpretation interprets the sight of several kingfishers in a dream flying over the water as a symbol of a fateful one change in the life of the dreamer. For example, if he previously had the feeling that fate had turned against him, this will now change. The person affected can look forward to a time of happiness and success.

In some cases, the kingfisher as a dream animal can also indicate that the dreamer frei and independent feels or wants to feel. In reality, he strives to give his life a deeper meaning. He then aligned his goals and efforts.

Dream symbol “kingfisher” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream analysis, the kingfisher as a dream symbol calls on the dreamer to face his life more calmly and with more dignity. This will make his soul greater free space whoever will need it. Sometimes the kingfisher in a dream is also understood as a mirror for the sleeper’s wishes, ideas and thoughts.

The dream symbol “kingfisher” can also represent the longing for Attention show. In the waking world you long for a glamorous appearance, which will attract everyone’s attention and silence your own envious people.

If one or more kingfishers appear in the dream, this can also indicate a surprise or a surprising change in the dreamer’s life.

The dream of a kingfisher can also symbolize that the sleeper has a good time mental protective armor should increase. This will enable him to simply let negative energies roll off of him in his waking life.

Dream symbol “kingfisher” – the spiritual interpretation

If you look at the dream symbol “kingfisher” from a transcendent point of view, this dream content can relate to the feeling for the right time Clues.

The dreamer should have his ability lightning-fast action become aware when this is necessary.

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